Toki no Kizuna Sekigahara Kitan



Kanji 十鬼の絆 関ヶ原奇譚
Eng Bond of the Ten Demons, Demon Bond – The Path of Exile-
Original Release Date Jul 19, 2012
Main game +Fandisk duel Release Date Jul 25, 2013
Sekigahara Kitan Release Date (ENG) Jun 06, 2015
Developer Design Factory Co., Ltd. and Otomate
Publisher Idea Factory Co., Ltd.
Publisher (ENG) NTT Solmare Coporation under ”Shall we Date?” label
Character Designer Miko
Opening ”Toki no Kizuna”
Endings ”Chigiri -Kono Hiroi Hiroi, Toki wo Koete” ”Uwagoto -Shizumiyuku Watashi no-”
Voice Acting Fully Voiced (PSP)/Not Voiced (Mobile)
Platform PSP, Android & IOS
Route Order Kazuya = Chitose = Kazutake = Shin = Senkimaru
Shared universe with Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan
Fandisk title Toki no Kizuna Hanayuitsuzuri
Fandisk Release Jul 25, 2013
Fandisk Site

”Toki no Kizuna”

After the death of Toyotomi Hideyoshi, humanity began nearing another age of war for power: The battle at Sekigahara. Promises were made with other daimyos to deem Toyotomi Hideyori the next shogun after Hideyoshi’s death but since his death the promise was not kept by most daimyos. Among them, Tokugawa Ieyasu.


Living hidden away from humanity are existiences known as Oni (Demons) whose bodies are much more powerful than an average human. The heroine Suzumori Yukina is the head of the Suzumori demon clan as chieftain and as well as a member of the Jyuukishyuu (Ten Demon Council). This alliance helps ensures peace and security amongst all members under the guidance of the Yase clan’s strong premonition powers. The Alliance’s commandments have been followed for more than 900 years.


One day, Kazuha Yase-hime gathers all the chieftains apart of the alliance to cut any and all ties they may secretly have with humans. After leaving them with this, Yase-hime gets poisoned by a bandit that somehow got pass detection and entered her room. With Yase-hime in a coma, the reality of some of the members having gone against the Princess’s words come to light while pursuing the bandit.


While holding the hands of the sleeping Yase-hime, Yukina remembers Yase-hime’s words from that meeting.


“Oni shall not interfere with human society and government”


Yukina makes it her duty to bring back her fellow Chieftains from involving themselves in human affairs before it’s too late.


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The head of the Suzumori clan. Yukina is very stubborn and tomboyish. She tends to say that she does not see herself as a woman but more so just a Chieftain before anything. Ever since she began guarding Yase-hime, Yukina very dearly admired and respected her. She was raised by the three elders ever since she was young and ever since has felt indebted to the kindness they showered on her. Yukina strongly believed humans are all greedy, violent and selfish. Her opinion begins to shift as she spends time with any of the love interests and understand their side of the story. She cares about all members of the Ten Demon Council as comrades dear to her.


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Love Interest

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Voice Actor: Kamiya Hiroshi


The head of the Yukimura clan. Kazuya is someone who rarely lets his emotions show on his face. This makes it difficult for others to guess his true intentions. He is able to come up with a well thought out excuses when he needs using that outstanding poker face. Kazuya helped with ganging up on Yukina only to shift complete blame on Chitose. It is rare for him to lose his cool but he seems to be quite sensitive when it comes to the topic of humans. His clan lives on the east side of hinomoto.


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Voice Actor: Itou Kentarou


The head of the Kazama clan. Chitose is a very energetic and hot blooded fellow. As opposed to Kazuya, Chitose’s emotions show quite easily on his face. Chitose is pretty trusting despite how he acts but when he feels betrayed it takes him a while to cool down. Everyone picks on Chitose because of this and Shin gets the most amusement out of this. He is the one that thought of the idea to gang up on Yukina with Kazuya, ending with both receiving their karma. Chitose’s clan lives on the west side of the Satsuma province of Hinomoto.


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Voice Actor: Nomura Kenji


The head of the Amagiri clan. Kazutake is relatively level headed and very leader like. The elders trust Kazutake greatly and all hope he becomes the next head of the Alliance. Kazutake’s clan of people are known as nomads and travel from place to place like gypsies. Their land was originally in Bizen before it was taken control of by the humans. He is one to never make any excuses or hesitates to any question asked. Kazutake tends to be the one to beat the younger Chieftains when they do something wrong. He is quite hated by Chitose for that.


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Voice Actor: Hino Satoshi


The head of the Shiranui clan. Shin is someone very confident and has a way with words. When it comes to persuading others, Shin is very skilled at this. No one can beat him ar a game of words. Most people he is close to like Kazutake get used to his tricky ways and understand when he is telling absolute nonsense. He loves to tease Chitose as he is the easiest to play with besides Yukina. Shin’s clan is known as living gods by the humans and are revered but Shin only sees this as a huge pain. He seems to be really disgusted with humans from the way he talks about them.


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Voice Actor: Okamoto Nobuhiko


The head of the Hatsushimo clan, also known to have been banished by the Alliance many decades ago. His clan does not have the security of hearing Yase-hime’s promonitions and thus are not able to escape the danger of Human war and conflict. Senkimaru was originally invited by Yase-hime to bring his clan back into the alliance but since the incident he was taken into custody and forced to live under the supervision of Kotoura. It was because there was suspicions of him being tied to the bandit. At first he seemed quite whiny when being interrogated but still listens to what he’s being told. Senkimaru slowly opens up to everyone as month passes by. He becomes close enough to pick on Chitose like the rest. Although he can transform into a young adult body, his shota form is his true self.


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Other important Characters


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Voice Actor: Iida Naomi


The Princess that is the figurehead of the Ten Demon Council. Kazuha is very responsible and cares deeply for every member of the Alliance. She inherited the Yase family power to see premonitions in her dreams and there is never a day where she thinks about how to keep everyone safe. Her strong capability to see the flaws in the commandment lead her to wanting to bring the Hatsushimo clan who were banished back into the Ten Demon Council. Kazuha forced herself to continue to stay in coma until the end of the war because of the tragedy she saw occur in the future.


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From Left to Right


Voice Actor: Ishihara Bon


The youngest among the elders who taught Yukina how to fight with a sword. He has a bad history with humans and came to hate them all because of this. Tsuki is quite short tempered but nonetheless cares for Yukina like a daughter.



Voice Actor: Akimoto Yousuke


The oldest elder and much more understanding among the three. He is very caring and kind towards Yukina.



Voice Actor: Nishimatsu Kazuhiko


The second oldest elder and the one responsible in watching Senkimaru. He’s quite cheerful and quite gullible to Shin’s words.


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Voice Actor: Tachibana Shinnosuke


The ’bandit’ who poisoned Yase-hime. His clan is the second one that was banished from the Ten Demon Council during the Shutendoji incident years and years ago. He holds a grudge against the Council and never fails to show his hatred. Yachiyo takes pleasure in the others trying hard to guess his fighting style.


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Voice Actor: Irino Miyu


The only chieftain that skipped Yase-hime’s calling to the meeting in the prologue. He does not consider himself apart of the Alliance because he believes the commandments are outdated. He is often seen with Yachiyo and Shutendoji. Shu is the chieftain of the Nagumo clan in the Shikoku island.


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Voice Actor: ???


A mysterious fellow who is always cloaked in black along with Yachiyo and Shu. Also holds a huge grudge against the Alliance and plans to destroy it. He named himself after the terrible demon who caused havoc in the past. Shutendoji has the power to control others who make direct eye contact with him or hear his voice.


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