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Olympia Soiree オランピアソワレ – Review/Summary

June 16, 2020estearisa

The heroine is known as ‘Olympia’ and is a rare remaining [white] of her clan. She has a sort of a pet named Daifuku and is originally from a place called Tenyou island which is where her kind lived and worshiped the sun god Amaterasu. She now lives on Tenguu island where the rest of the [colors] reside and must pick a mate of a certain color at the age of 18 to continue her [white] lineage.

There’s a color hierarchy and depending on the color you have (or don’t have) it determines your social status. Since Olympia is a rare [white] she is high on the hierarchy with pure colors below her and reigning their governed areas of the [red], [blue], and [yellow]. In addition, people have to wear a color crest which identifies which color categorization they are (unless they’re criminal or colorless). Olympia is now 18 years old in the care of the [yellow] and has been stuck on Tenguu island, no longer on her homeland Tenyou.

One day, Olympia decides to take a walk on her own and spots a gate that is apparently made out of crystals called “shou” which are crystallized souls of humans that have died. Creating this gate was a wish from a god like existence known as Hiruko who wished happiness for the residents. Olympia’s real name is not Olympia but rather, Byakuya but has told no one this and plans to only tell her special someone. After visiting the plaza, she leaves to go home after residents whisper about how she’s creepy and not like the rest of them. When she gets back, she encounters the head of the yellow domain named Douma. Byakuya resides in his mansion and he reminds her to prepare for her ritual. It’s then the sky turns dark and Byakuya must perform her ritual where she protects the sun and prays to Amaterasu to bring back the sun.

After coming back from the ritual, a man becomes so desperate to serve Byakuya he begs her to let him sacrifice himself with his crystallized soul that they use for the rituals. Thankfully, the man named Akaza  in charge of Kotowari (the place that manages all the information on the island) of the red district comes to her aid. He basically says she’ll now be under his care within Kotowari and tells her to come with him. In doing so, he formally introduces herself and tells her she must find a mate within a year. He explains how everyone on the island must pick a mate that have a similar color class to them in order to keep the color lineage consistent. However, with her being white she is free to chose who she wants. That being said, if she doesn’t choose anyone within a year he tells her he will be her mate. Byakuya is appalled and disgusted she is being treated like a thing and storms off back to her manor.

Regardless, Byakuya has hopes to find a husband that will love her. Afterwords, she meets with all of the head chiefs of the reds, blues, and yellow. They all hope for Byakuya to gain a suitor since as a remaining white, she is the only one who can pray to Amaterasu and bring back the sun when they’re enveloped by darkness. While the reds are seen as a powerful curse, the blues can guide souls to heaven and the yellow can hear bad omens. After this, Byakuya runs into Akaza again who apologizes for what he said before. He introduces her to a doctor names Kuroba who is the assistant director of Kotowari. He’s apparently a rare [black] which surprises Byakuya. He explains how the people underground are used as “bait” for the sun and that those who are colorless, criminals, or improper colors are cast to the underground and are not allowed to come up from the so called “underworld”.

After explain this, Byakuya shows an interest to see the different places so she can meet people and find a potential mate. Akaza and Kuroba decide to give Byakuya a tour of the different districts starting with the blue district. There, they encounter the blue leader known as Shura. She explains how the blues have the ability to crystallize souls of dead humans and in doing so, their bodies turn to ash. After visiting the red district, Byakuya is interested in seeing the underground place known as the “underworld” to those above. When visiting, Kuroba explains that those who are put there are essentially the throw aways because they aren’t born a more pure and distinguished color. For example, a blue and yellow mate and may create the same colors as the parents OR green, but then there’s the off chance they’ll instead be born a mix of a usually brownish pigment.

Byakuya sees a resident of the underworld but doesn’t believe their color is bad and compliments someone who asks about her. She’s so embarrassed by it she runs away from happiness. Byakuya is then brought to a famous bathhouse where she meets a man who’s name is Yosuga and is the owner of the bathhouse and a self proclaimed fortune teller. He tells her to come back the next day to enjoy the bathhouse since they’re all booked up. The next day, Byakuya is determined to search for her husband on her own. She goes back underground and meets a boy of green called Amakusa Shirou Tokisada. Byakuya feels his name is familiar but doesn’t know why. They also encounter someone named Camellia who heard about her from man who makes artificial limbs named Tsukiyomi. She’s also a maid at the bathhouse and works for Yosuga.

They all decide to have tea and treats together and find out that Byakuya’s pet mouse is actually related to the mice that Tokisada and Camellia have named Juliet and Paris. Romeo is Daifuku’s real name but they tell Byakuya its okay if he stays with her. Byakuya uses the bath for the first time while Yosuga shows her how it works. Before she leaves, he tells her she’s “valuable” as Byakuya and needs to be careful. After this, Byakuya thinks hard about finding a husband but since Tokisada is 17 (men can’t marry unless they’re 20 and women at 18) she can’t marry him right away, and she believes Yosuga only sees her as Byakuya and not herself. She then comes home to her mansion where the yellow domain leader, Douma is. He constantly tells her she’ll never be loved and mentions how she did something to his hand where now he can’t use it.

The next day, Byakuya goes back to underworld where she meets a boy named Himuka who uses a power like hers (it’s called batsu and is what turns souls into crystals). He tried to use his power to kill someone begging to die by Byakuya’s hand. In causing this, a man named Rikuu appears who patrols the underworld. He tells Himuka that he used his power illegally and get in a feud over it. Kuroba appears and manages to smooth things out by claiming that Byakuya is his lover lol while Rikuu talks shit about him since he’s a black. Afterwords, Kuroba basically explains that the black are on the bottom of the color class and can be single if they so choose since no one wants to mate with them and black being an ominous color. And even he feels resentment towards those that live above on the island.

Suddenly, Himuka appears and shyly tries to speak with Byakuya. He tells her he’s a sort of walking funeral (who mourns souls) and his job is to use his ability to exact souls that are “discolored”. In other words, those discolored have a sort of disease that spreads from the body, slowly deteriorating them. So he extracts crystals from the bodies so they disappear and don’t spread to others. In doing so, he’s also helping Byakuya which she tells him she appreciates. After he leaves, Byakuya wonders why he has her powers and Kuroba explains that even though he’s not a “blue” it’s possible for people to inherit it from previous ancestors. This leads Byakuya to believe that he’s not actually related to her even though she felt he may be.

The next day, she encounters Jigen who tells her that he too was found washed up on the shores of Tenguu like Tokisada and came from the same place as him called Marebito (these are like, people who have died in a different place, such as Japan, and came back to life). Byakuya finds a bottle with a letter wash up on shore from someone in a place called “Tokyo” (the letter is dated April 16th 2020 aka the game’s release date LOL). She takes the letter to store in her secret hideout where she keeps a lot of things such as shells and bottles washed up on shore. After this, she goes back to visit the underworld and encounters Rikuu again. He tells her she can’t pass without a permit but refuses to tell her how to get one. Regardless, Kuroba appears and hands her a permit that Akaza prepared for her and Rikuu has no choice but to let her pass lol.

When going back she meets Tokisada again at the bathhouse. He confirms he is from Marebito like Jigen and their eyes have crosses in them proving that and asks if she thinks it’s creepy. Byakuya tells him it’s not and would like to know more about him which makes him all embarrassed 😂. Afterwords, Byakuya leaves after eating dumplings with Tokisada and Yosuga. She encounters a man on the floor and gives him some of her food. He begs her to give a letter to his brother who lives on the surface. When Byakuya visits Akaza and Kuroba to ask them about delivering the letter for him. They have suspicions and note that because this man has a mark on his face, he was deemed a criminal and forced to live in the underworld.

Byakuya goes to visit this man who introduces himself as Kaina. Apparently he’s a yellow who had a stronger yellow than his brother and was brought into the family before being banished to the underworld. She takes the letter from him and says she’ll deliver it. She reports back to Akaza and they find out that he had a lover that was executed recently due to him having relations with a woman who wasn’t the right color he should mate with. So they decide to deliver the letter to Kaina’s brother with Akaza accompanying Byakuya. When they meet Kaina’s younger brother Kanan, Byakuya gives him his brother’s letter and he’s relieved to see he’s okay. They also ask him to tone it down on the newspaper he writes since he wrote a whole article about Byakuya looking for a husband.

After this, Byakuya and Akaza have a conversation about the color class and Akaza admits to her he thinks it’s bullshit. He wants to change how they do things and Byakuya agrees a wants to try and do what she can to try and change it too. She’s also surprised to see Akaza, who’s usually so serious about everything, show that he’d go against the world they live. Eventually, Byakuya runs into Rikuu at the plaza and tries to get his input on how to find a husband candidate. He suggests that she only mates with someone who is of a primary color and absolutely not someone from the underworld. He tells her that any discolored child born would immediately been sent to the orphanage there, never to see the light of day. But, Byakuya doesn’t care and tells him that she would pick anyone no matter what color they are.

After going to the underworld again, she meets a boy named Asuha who longs to be a doctor so he’s become acquainted with Kuroba. Kuroba introduces him and apparently he’s an orphan born multiple colors from his hair to his eyes which is why he’s in the underworld. A boy named Hairi then appears who Byakuya already met selling newspapers and sold her candy when he ran out of them. He told her he needed to feed his family but that was a lie and she fell for it. He doesn’t trust people who live on the surface and tells Asuha to not associate with her or anyone else on the surface for that matter. Byakuya is shocked to see him act like a completely different person and comes to realize there’s many different people living different circumstances.

Byakuya goes back to the underworld and hears from Camellia that Tsukiyomi has returned. He lives in the “hell” of the underworld and is somewhat like family to Byakuya since he’s the protector of the white and from Tennyo island. Tennyo island is basically unreachable with the whirlpools surrounding it but he’s the only one able to go to and from there. Byakuya meets him and he shows her a painting he did made out of the “shou” or soul crystals dipped into a poisonous lake. He then asks how her husband search is going and brings up the fact that at the very least, she has a sort of defense mechanism with her power to ward off any man that she’s not in love with tries to harm her.

He recalls the night that the entire white clan was killed 13 years ago, which is when Byakuya was found as the only survivor. Douma took her in and took care of her and bluntly told her that everyone on Tennyo island is dead including her mother. Byakuya doesn’t believe him and while she’s confined to the manor, she decides to try and escape when she was 9 years old. Douma tries to bring her back but in doing so, she unconsciously uses her “batsu” power to ward him off which ends up rendering his left hand useless (which is why he’s so bitter towards her but jeez she was a little kid fuck off). Tsukiyomi then found her and told her that he’d tell her the whole truth when she turned 10.

So Byakuya has an idea and decides she wants to send letters to and from Tenguu and the Underworld like she did for Kaina and Kana in order to bring the people together. She runs it by Akaza who agrees to do it on the condition that she runs the letters by him so he can confirm the contents. So after consulting Yosuga about it for a method to do it, he makes a letterbox so she can collect letters to and from the Underworld. Rikuu who gives permission for her to go to and from insists she reconsider this but Byakuya refuses to back down and continues to do so much to his reluctance to let her pass through lol.

Rikuu (CV: Shimazaki Nobunaga) is serious and diligent (tsundere) soldier who’s in line to become the next “blue” leader. He patrols the underworld and is the gate keeper between there and above. And as a “blue” he has a strong “batsu” power.

Byakuya delivers a letter to the blue district but stops to find Rikuu performing a dance ritual but doesn’t realize it’s him. She’s super enamored by it and tries to get the identity of the dancer from Yosuga and the others but they figure she’ll run into him eventually. As Byakuya leaves the underworld to deliver the letters, she decides to ask Rikuu about the dancer since he’s a blue and has hopes to meet him so she can get help her with her own dancing. He’s clearly shocked and embarrassed (since it’s him) but tells he can’t reveal his identity. Byakuya leaves disappointed and Rikuu awkwardly mutters he wishes she wouldn’t deliver letters lol.

After this, Byakuya goes to a place with a beautiful waterfall that her maid told her about. She ends up spotting two people having a forbidden relationship together (but are not the proper colors to mate). They beg for her not to say anything but Byakuya calmly tells them she doesn’t intend to tell anyone and hates the rules put into place. After this, she goes to deliver the letter to Kana who’s been sending letters to his brother. But he tells her he no longer plans to send letters to his brother Kaina anymore. Afterwords, Byakuya meets the girl again and she basically says she wants to escape the island or die together with her lover. Byakuya encourages her though that something may change someday.

One day, her mouse Daifuku decides to run away after smelling something good. She ends up running to Rikuu feeding him part of his hamburger. He happily feeds him so Byakuya decides to stay hidden until he leaves since she figures he’d get grumpy with her around. Byakuya starts to ask how she can meet Hiroko to stop executions who’s in charge of the regulations but Himuka tells her it’s better if the community as a whole changes, and will more likely listen to someone like her. Byakuya eventually finds out that reporting that someone is a “Hazushi” (someone caught in a relationship with the wrong color) will reward someone with 100,000 yen if they report it.

One day, Byakuya spots Rikuu again and asks about the dancer. Akaza then appears and tells Rikuu he should just tell her he’s the dancer already. Byakuya is surprised to find this out and Rikuu runs away in embarrassment telling her to never come back to the blue district lol. She eventually hears from Yosuga that Rikuu’s power is actually very strong which is why he’s the next leader candidate. In addition, he actually can’t get married until 30 because of a sort of physical and mental preparation for marriage and preserving his highly special power by keeping him “pure” since being with a woman would make him uclean (lol what). When Byakuya hears this, she realizes she wouldn’t be able to marry him anyway.

The next day, Byakuya meets Akaza who saves her from a horse carriage almost hitting her. Rikuu sees this and starts to think Byakuya is just sleeping around with other men instead of properly trying to look for a husband. Akaza tries to tell him to chill and that its a misunderstanding but he suggests he stay away from someone like her since her kind killed men on their island. Byakuya is upset when she hears this and runs away in tears. She goes near the beach and meets an old man who tells her about the white women on the island. Byakuya remembers that any man that came on the island would cause Amaterasu to get angry and cause havoc weather which is supposedly how Byakuya’s father died. An old man named Fuso tells Byakuya that he’s the husband of a woman on that island and tells her to not lose sight of who she is. He also allows for Byakuya to call him grandfather since he’s the closest thing to one for her.

Byakuya gets ready to prepare for her dance but suddenly she gets a visit from Rikuu. He profusely apologizes for what he said earlier but just as he’s about to leave, Byakuya invites him to have tea with her. He brings up how her husband search is going and when she asks about him maybe being a candidate he gets flustered saying obviously not lol. He asks her why she’s delivering letters in the first place and she says it’s so she can make a change even if it’s a small one. He tells her to do her best with her deliveries and she gives him her regards as well before he leaves. The next day, Byakuya runs into Rikuu again and he asks her if she’s free since she wanted him to give her dance lessons. She agrees and takes him to her special hideout where she keeps all her treasures she finds.

So helps her with her dancing and during this her hair gets tangled so he helps it get undone and even combs it for her 🥰. Byakuya then asks if it’s true that he can only get married at 30 and he confirms it. He thinks there may be misunderstandings with them together but then realizes she’s a “friend” just like Akaza is so seeing each other should be fine. Unfortunately, Byakuya feels disappointed by this response. After this, Byakuya starts thinking about a “friend” and what it really means to have one. One day, a “Hazushi” is found trying to escape while Byakuya was about to go through the gate to the underworld. Rikuu, who is reluctant to catch her, is told to escort the woman away and leaves.

Byakuya tries to talk with Shura who’s the leader of the blue to try and lessen the punishment of the woman taken away to be executed. But she’s given a completely backhanded statement on how she needs to mind her own business and stop trying to meddle into affairs that don’t involve her. She also warns her about Rikuu and tells her that with him having to marry in another 10 years, she cannot be his husband. In addition, she rejects her offer to attend the school (that’s now allowing females for the first time) because she believes that when women like her begin to learn they come up with the stupid things she’s telling her now. After this, Byakuya meets up with Rikuu again and encounters the man she met before named Sakyou.  He basically tells Rikuu that Byakuya will not be able to birth him a precious blue with strong “batsu” powers so he needs to reaffirm he has no intention of doing so. Byakuya awkwardly leaves after this and cries near the dock.

After taking a break from trying to find a husband, Byakuya goes out again and finds her friend Satsuki (that was a Hazushi) being told that she’s being apprehended on suspicions of being a Hazushi. Byakuya immediately steps in to defend her and doesn’t back down (she even threatens to stop performing her dance and keep the island cursed lol). Kuroba notices what’s happening and also steps in saying they have no grounds to arrest her without proof. They finally back off and Satsuki thanks Byakuya for her help while Kuroba offers to keep her at Kotowari’s headquarters. After this, Byakuya is almost kidnapped by some creepy guys and Rikuu comes to her rescue very pissed. He almost uses his power but Byakuya stops him before falling unconscious.

Byakuya wakes up to find out the leaders are having a council meeting and invite both Byakuya and Rikuu. They discuss Rikuu’s punishment for using his power without permission. But before his punishment, Rikuu insists he be allowed to find the bandit that got away and may attack Byakuya. He also threatens to leave his position and basically admits his feelings for Byakuya. So the discussion then moves to Byakuya’s marriage. Douma surprisingly thinks it shouldn’t matter if Rikuu is Byakuya’s candidate since their child could prove to be more powerful with Byakuya’s power and preserving the white lineage is the most important thing anyway.

So, after this Byakuya and Rikuu decide to meet at the hot springs to talk. Byakuya tells him about her past and how she has the same power as him, as all the whites did, but only uses it when she’s in danger. After clear sexual tension (lol), Rikuu decides he won’t touch her until he completes his goal of apprehending the bandit that attacked her. The next day, Rikuu shares a hamburger with Byakuya who tries it for the first time. He also finds out that the mouse he met was Daifuku and Byakuya’s. Afterwords, Rikuu decides to speak with Byakuya at the bathhouse again and tells her that he’s actually a child born from “Hazushi”. In other words, he was born from his mother who was a blue but his father not being the right color, was caught and executed. Rikuu tells her he wants things to change and believes he can do it with her.

Rikuu continues to put himself down and say he’s unworthy of her or apologize for the way he acted towards her at first. Byakuya tells him she doesn’t care in what way he was born because he is who he is now and agrees that she wants to change the world they live in as well. He starts to get upset tell her she should go or he’ll kiss and hug her and won’t be able to stop. But Byakuya is all for this and wants him to kiss her. When he finally does, he gets apologetic that someone like him touched her LOL (boi stop putting urself down this is like Hisui all over again). Byakuya tells him her real name is Byakuya and they make out finally. But Rikuu has to restrain himself to go any further lmao. After they leave,  Byakuya’s hair turns blue which shocks Rikuu but she says it’s fine since it’s something that happens with the whites and it turns back to normal.

One day, Byakuya and Rikuu encounter a situation in the underworld where someone is becoming discolored. Himuka appears but is busy so he leaves it to Rikuu who has the same power. Usually, having someone of Rikuu use his power would cost a lot but Rikuu doesn’t care about any of that anymore and says he’ll do it for free. After doing it, people in the underworld start to see that Rikuu isn’t as hostile as they thought he was. Rikuu then takes Byakuya to Kotowari to see Kuroba and Akaza. He reveals he knows who tries to kidnap Byakuya and it’s none other than the medical researcher Sakyou. He approached Byakuya before and tried to help her when she had a minor cut. In addition, people were arrested as “Hazushi” on literally no grounds and we’re used as test subjects to research the discoloring disease.

So Byakuya and the others find Sakyou and he asks to at least be near the ocean before they talk. He admits he coerced the military to arrest people who would give more pure, high quality crystals. But since he too has the discolored disease he doesn’t regret his decisions to try and find a cure. He then tries to kill himself with a gun but the waves of the ocean go out of control and try to kill him. Rikuu manages to stop him and hopes he can try and atone for his sins since he feels he had no evil intent with his research. After Sakyou is apprehended and held by Kotowari, Byakuya and Rikuu meet with Shura. Rikuu appeals the execution of “Hazushi” since he is the child of one and refuses to be the next blue leader if she refuses. And he also wishes for Byakuya to be his wife.

After this, Byakuya and Rikuu meet at the bathhouse again. Camellia and Yosuga then tell them that the door is “locked” until tomorrow so they have to stay in that room together overnight. 😏😏😏 Rikuu promises he won’t do anything and even tries to just go to bed but Byakuya won’t have it. She tops him saying she no longer wants to wait and she wants him now LOL 😂😂😂. She makes out with him and so he finally responds to do the same. It’s then Byakuya’s hair changes color again to blue. She explains that her mother told her that when she found her other half and when they make love her hair changes into their color. Finally, Rikuu decides to make love to her LOL.

Afterwords, Rikuu combs Byakuya’s hair and tells her he got it from his late mother and carried it around like a charm. But now that he has Byakuya, he decides to give it to her. 😌 In the epilogue, Byakuya now has Rikuu’s power intertwined with her own as she performs her dances. In the bad end, when Byakuya is almost kidnapped, Rikuu accidentally kills the people who attacked her and is stripped of all his status. In the 2nd bad end, Rikuu and Sakyou die from the giant wave and so Shura comforts Byakuya.

Thoughts: Rikuu was probably one of the best things about this game. By that, I mean I enjoyed his character the most. Even though the development of these character’s romance was quick, I felt like Rikuu was one of the characters who had a better developed romance that felt natural. He clearly had the most change too (especially with his views on the other colors). He was super tsundere and Byakuya was pretty dominate in his route cause when he was hesitant to make love with her she just wanted him now and went for it lmao. Blue is also my favorite color so it was very fitting for him to be my fave! One of the downsides to his route though is that its so disconnected from the plot that it felt like it needed more. Or at the very least, I wish there was more scenes that gave more background to Rikuu’s character. You always see that there’s a relationship w/ him and Akaza but it doesn’t elaborate much on it. I definitely think a FD with his route would be very cute though and I really do want to see more of them.

Tokisada (CV: Uemura Yuuto) is part of the green tribe and got washed up on the shore of Tenguu Island as a “Marebito”. He’s a year younger than Byakuya so he has an innocent side to him.

Tokisada talks about wanting to go back to his hometown but doesn’t know how. Olympia tries to ask Tsukiyomi but he do has no idea since there are whirlpools blocking the way to leave the island. She admits to him she wants to change the island little by little in her own way which he hopes he can help with somehow. One day, Tokisada visits Olympia to ask her to let him be a candidate as her husband. Olympia thinks it’s too sudden so he invites her out on a date (even though he has no romance experience lol). He tells her about a popular soda drink place and plan to go there together. So Olympia meets with Tokisada and he orders a drink called “Olympia Soda” and shares it with her. He even feeds her a bite and gets embarrassed by the indirect kiss 😘.

Tokisada mentions how a lot of things get washed up on shore so the people take ideas from what they read or see. He also mentions he used to like to swim but now is afraid of it because he almost drowned before. He asks if they can go to the beach anyway and would rather watch Olympia go swimming. Olympia brings up her past and when Tokisada wants to hear it, she tells him. He starts crying though and can’t believe something so terrible happened. After that, they go back to the Underworld and Olympia witnesses a more firm and aggressive Tokisada when Asuha is being harassed by a guy who didn’t pay him for his shoe polishing service. They then go to the bathhouse promise to meet at the beach the following day.

So the next day, Olmypia meets with Tokisada at the beach and while there there, a sword that belonged to Tokisada washes up on shore. They meet with Tsukiyomi who tells them the backstory of the whites and how the island curses men on the island since Amaterasu hates them. After this ,Tokisada pretty much carries the sword wherever he goes and one day Kanan notices it and tries to get him to let him take it to research. Olympia realizes he’s uncomfortable, so fakes being sick to get him out of the situation. Olympia knows that Tokisada wants to go back where he’s from but tells him she’s glad she met him and that he lives there. This brings him to tears so he runs away lol. So while delivering a letter to Kanan, he reveals to Olympia that the person that Tokisada claims to be is apparently someone from Japan who had died.

Olympia learns more from Jigen who confirms him and Tokisada had died and we’re washed ashore onto the island. Tokisada one day takes Olympia to a river and Olympia hurts her foot. He carries her on his back and tells her that he got his color “green” by embedding crystals into his body. And if Hiruko allowed it, his soul would become part of the island. After this, Olympia learns that Tokisada is actually good at translating books so he takes some time to share some foreign words with Olympia and even tell her about other religions like Christianity. Turns out, Tokisada is actually trying to become Byakuya’s wife for the sake of his role as a Marebito but of course ends up falling for her in the process.

One day, Tokisada and Olympia go to her secret hideout to shelter from the pouring rain. Tokisada ends up confessing his thirsty feelings for Byakuya and makes out with her. He then realizes what he did and runs off as Byakuya’s hair turn green. Byakuya eventually meets with him again and he does admit his feelings were true but after making out with her again he then runs off again when he realizes he hasn’t accomplished anything as a marebito. So while Tokisada is avoiding Byakuya, she hears from Yosuga that Tokisada has an injury on his body that he’s kept hidden but even after taking medicinal baths at the bathhouse for over a year it still hasn’t healed.

While Tokisada avoids Byakuya for a while, she finds out that it’s possible Kanan was the one who snitched on his brother’s affair with a girl who had a lower color class. This only proves more that Kanan is a shit disturber and even lies to Tokisada so he comes into Douma’s mansion and threatens to kill him because he heard that he’s responsible for the Tenyou women deaths. But Douma knowing it’s not true essentially tells him he’s just being dumb so he runs off unable to do it. Byakuya goes after him and he starts crying saying he’s a fake and useless Marebito who has no purpose and reveals the scar on his neck from when he was decapitated. But Byakuya tells him to just stay with her and have that be his purpose and if anyone tries to harm him, she’ll use her powers to protect him.

After that, they go to Byakuya’s hideout and she strips him down so he’s out of wet clothes. They of course start kissing and Tokisada puts their rosaries together and states the vows of a Christian wedding. After they make love, Byakuya’s hair turns completely green. After this, Tokisada goes back to his home to inform the green leader but when Byakuya comes to visit, she finds he’s been poisoned. Tokisada figures it’s probably Kanan behind it all since he lied about Douma so he’d try and kill him. So they search for Kanan in the Underworld and finally find him at the bathhouse garden but he has them at gunpoint with Kaina knocked out near him. Kanan basically explains how he was jealous of his brother and is sick of his lifestyle so he wants to just kill everyone and shoots Kaina.

Tokisada manages to deflect his bullets with Paris’ distraction but then tries to convince him to live instead. In the epilogue, Tokisada is asked to take the role of the green leader since the previous one suggested it. Tokisada refuses at first thinking he isn’t worthy, but they insist since there is no one more suitable for the role. Tokisada’s first request is to abolish the executions and allow the “sinned” to see the sunlight again. They don’t agree to it, but tell him they’ll think it over. They also give him a peach seed to grow beautiful peach trees around the green land. In the 1st bad end, Tokisada harms Kaina’s buddy so since he knows he’ll be punished, he decides to kill himself. Byakuya goes with him and the two of them drink poison and sail away on a boat together. In the 2nd bad end, Byakuya gets captured by Kanan and he ends up drugging her and Kaina while they have a… threesome?? (Lol wtf). Kaina thinks he’s with his dead girlfriend and Byakuya thinks she’s with Tokisada.

Thoughts: Tokisada was definitely a cute character, sort of a genki type, but a bit more on a the shy side at times. He definitely has an innocence about him that makes you like him, but sometimes I felt his route was a bit dull at times so I kind of slugged through it a bit (that might have also been because I started playing FFXIV). I liked his ending though, and even though he was trying to win Byakuya’s affection at first for his own sake, it was cute to see his reactions w/ her. That being said his route definitely didn’t make Kanan any better of a character so I wish he just killed that asshole. Also the bad ends were juSt ?? ? YiKES on the threesome w/ twins one cause what the actual fuck LOL. I feel bad for Kaina who’s completely oblivious to his brother being a sadistic fuck. The one where they kill themselves is very romeo & juilet  but eh.


[I guess this is sad…..]

Kuroba (CV: Tomozaku Suiga) is a doctor and as the color black he’s the lowest on the color hierarchy. That being said, even though he’s from the underworld he’s still able to travel to and from the the surface since he’s a relied doctor. He also takes care of the kids in the underworld by giving them check ups.

Byakuya is still looking for a husband and starts hearing rumors that she and a popular guy (to be the next green-yellow head) named Nagusa are dating. She of course is not but both Kuroba and Akaza believe he could be a good candidate for her (lol ya’ll blind). So one day Byakuya hears a guy at her manor say “they’d rather die than turn black”. She goes to Kuroba to get an explanation and he explains that there’s a medicine for the “discolored disease” but it only works 50 percent of the time. In addition, the side effects are almost always some part of them turns black like their hair, skin, eyes. And to most people, the color black is deemed a bad omen so they’d rather die than turn that color.

Kuroba also explains that the higher you are on the color hierarchy, the more prone you are to getting illnesses. However, it’s the opposite with those on the low hierarchy because the lower you are, the more immune you are to illnesses. Which is why most of the pure color leaders died (like the yellow one) because of the discolored disease. After this, Byakuya suggests going to the beach after Kuroba shows her a species of fish that she used to see on her island. She gets all ready in a swimsuit but once Kuroba removes his shirt she gets embarrassed by seeing him half naked lol. He realizes she hasn’t seen a man’s half naked body before and teases her saying she can touch it if she wants LOL. Byakuya gets flustered and annoyed to the point where she just leaves.

After this, Byakuya starts to realize she secretly wants Kuroba to be her husband candidate. Meanwhile, Kuroba continues his research for a medicine to help heal those with the “discolored disease” and even borrows water from a lake in the Underworld to help with his research. One day, Kuroba invites her to the waterfall and explains that it was 40 years ago where a first “black” color was born. Since then, they’ve been given a place to live in Tenguu but it was pretty recently. After this, he takes her out to eat and Byakuya doesn’t realize he took her on a date lol. He tries to ask her who’s the most important person in the island to her and she finally admits it’s him and she asks to go on another date with him.

So the next day, Byakuya meets Kuroba on the beach and they go swimming together. He explains to her that he finally made progress on making a sort of discoloring vaccine from the “irohana” flower she let him use. Kuroba then picks Byakuya right up and they both share their first kiss. She also tells him that her real name is Byakuya and asks him to call her that. Kuroba is suddenly shocked to see her hair turn grey but she doesn’t know how to explain it to Kuroba so she tries to play it off as it’s just how her hair looks wet. This clearly makes things awkward though and before Kuroba can continue his date with her, he’s swept away by work after someone killed themselves after not wanting to turn black.

Not long after, Byakuya overhears Kuroba talking to Sakyou about Byakuya and how she would be the perfect person to do research on. Afterwords, Byakuya meets with Kuroba and suspects he wants to do research on her after he asks for a strand of her hair. After also hearing about the testing on children she the gets in an argument with him and almost strips herself naked to force him to test on her and not other children. He tells her to calm down and she storms off angrily. Then of course, Nagusa comes and tells her lies that if she gets together with Kuroba, her pure whiteness will become blackened and she’ll lose her powers to keep the darkness away. In result, she and Kuroba would be executed.

Byakuya tells him she’s not interested in marrying Kuroba and also lies and says there’s someone else she’s interested in and leaves. But he doesn’t stop stalking her constantly and immediately after Kuroba declares he’s broken up with her, Nagusa tries to make her marry him again. He even admits he saw her and Kuroba kiss (so he was legit stalking her lol wtf) so he knows she’s in love with him. She says it’s over now but doesn’t intend to marry him either. Kuroba then overhears their conversation and Nagusa reveals that he was actually originally a “yellow” as a baby but he gained the discolored disease and had no choice but to take the medicine that could turn him “black”. In addition, he was the son of the former yellow leader so he was actually supposed to be the next leader.

After this, things only get worse with Nagusa and he tricks Byakuya into letting him in her beach house hideout. He threatens to blackmail her by putting out a news article stating that Kuroba assaulted her. Byakuya tells him to back off and leave but he’s relentless and even when she’s readying the idea to use her power, he tells her if something happens to him, he’ll have someone else post the article (jfc). So he tries to sexually assault her and she decides to just let it happen until he starts coughing blood. She realizes he has the discolor disease and runs off screaming. Byakuya then goes to visit Kuroba who hears about what happened to Nagusa from Sakyou (who continues to badger Kuroba to take a sample of Byakuya’s blood).

After Sakyou leaves, Kuroba asks what happened and Byakuya tells him that she was with Nagusa and he spit blood on top of her. Kuroba figures out he tried to sleep with her by hearing this, but asks if she really have sex with him. She tries to lie to cover it up and say she did, but kisses her and then she finally admits she didn’t sleep with him and did what she had to in order to protect him. Kuroba then again kisses her and tells her not to do something so dangerous for him again. And again, Byakuya’s hair turns grey so he flips out again. But before Byakuya can explain they’re interrupted and meet with Douma. In doing so, he tells Kuroba that he can’t stand Nagusa and asks him if he wants to take the role of the yellow leader and make Byakuya his wife.

Ultimately, they decide to figure out a way to save Nagusa even though they both had thoughts of letting him die. Byakuya tells Kuroba about a lake where there’s “water of life” on her island. They figure they need Tsukiyomi’s help to get there, but he tells them they can pass the whirlpools so as long as Amaterasu sees them as genuine. So they head there and manage to get the “water of life” and bring it back. In doing so, Kuroba is able to create a medicine and promises to meet Byakuya at her hideout later. That night, Kuroba arrives at Byakuya’s hideout to tell her the creation of the medicine was a success. So Byakuya then explains about her hair and how it’ll take the power of the person who is her other half. Byakuya then drops her handkerchief to have Kuroba pick it up for her (this was a thing that she always did in hopes of finding a husband but always wanted Kuroba to pick it up lol).

Finally, she sleeps with him and her hair turns completely black which he thinks looks nice on her. 😌 After that they end up making love all night lol. So, the medicine works on Nagusa but of course he’s still a piece of shit so he tries to harrass Byakuya again. Thankfully, he was set up by Akaza and the others and he’s taken away for his crimes. Before that though, Kuroba punches him in the face and tells him to never approach his wife again lol. In the epilogue, Kuroba names the new medicine “Shirotai” after Byakuya and she decides to officially move into her hideout. They of course, continue to love each other happily.

In the 1st bad end, Byakuya and Kuroba realizes they can’t (or rather don’t want to) save Nagusa. In the end, Kuroba gets the discolor disease and dies. She then keeps his skull with her at her hideout and talks to it (😩 hoo boy). In the 2nd bad end, after Nagusa is discharged from the hospital, Kuroba is immediately accused of assaulting Byakuya. Nagusa tells Byakuya that he’s been sentenced to death so now he’ll make her his but then Kuroba magically appears after escaping. He says that he won’t let anyone have her and kills her (and I guess himself after). Ngl this was a really dumb ending and so OOC for Kuroba… I really can’t stand the LI magically becoming crazy yandere ends.

Thoughts: I actually enjoyed Kuroba as a character and I didn’t have any issues with him… until his bad end that is. Like, Kuroba was a tease but he was also very smart (he’s a doctor I mean come on). So why the hell would he suddenly go and kill Byakuya because of something that was clearly out of her control because he has a sudden yandere mindset that “IF I CANT HAVE U NO ONE CAN”. LIKE, YOU COULD’VE KILLED NAGUSA, THE ONE WHO CAUSED IT?? HE WAS STANDING RIGHT THERE. It was just soooooo out of character and stupid af. Like, stop making yandere bad ends when it literally makes no sense for the character. Kuroba was always consistently nice in other routes, so it makes no sense. Anyways aside from that stupid ass end, the real issue of this route was Nagusa. He would not leave Byakuya alone and even almost sexually assaulted her. YET THEY STILL WANTED TO SAVE HIM WHEN HE WAs INFECTED. And of course, when they do, he goes after her again!! Like, I get it, they want Byakuya to seem like she can feel hatred enough to kill but can’t do it (cuz no kill is VERY BAD) but at the risk of being raped or blackmailed, there comes a moment where I just wonder why we couldn’t just have the guy reap what he sows and have him get executed or die somehow w/o it directly being Byakuya’s fault. At the very least, would it not have been fine for Byakuya to use her “batsu” power to defend herself? Even if it didn’t kill him (like Douma), at least she could’ve tried… but alas.


[Don’t mind her, she’s just taking a nap with Kuroba’s skull.]

Yosuga (CV: Uchida Yuuma) is the owner of the bathhouse in the Underworld and a self-proclaimed fortune teller who usually tries to encourage Byakuya whenever she has troubles.

One day, Byakuya goes to the bathhouse after delivering letters and gets harassed by some drunk men. Yosuga helps her out and invites her for tea for the inconvenience. Suddenly, Camilla has some malfunctions so he takes her to his room where he “reboots” her and serves her tea and treats. After this, Byakuya hears from Tsukiyomi that Yosuga actually can’t mate with anyone because he’s the last surviving “purple” after the discolor disease plagued his family. So because of this, he can’t have offspring and will just die off so he can’t be a curse to the other colors anymore. In addition, he was banished to the underworld. Byakuya starts to wonder if there’s a way to help him somehow (like giving blood to Kuroba to get a cure) but when he finds out she heard he tells her he’s already come to terms with it.

One day, a blue harasses a poor color in the underworld and as Byakuya witnesses it, Yosuga comes to help. He then later explains to Byakuya that pure colors (like primary colors) have a low birthrate and females actually struggle to give birth with another pure color. Because of this, some pure colors go to the Underworld to try and prostitute women into having a child for them because poor colors have normal and healthy children. Yosuga even witnessed a guy harass a woman in the bathhouse and said he could do whatever he wants since she’s a poor color. Yosuga intervened and broke the guy’s arm lol. He tells Byakuya he does whatever he can to protect the customers who come to his bathhouse.

Yosuga also tells Byakuya that was actually grew up to know Kuroba since they both grew up in the Underworld together. They got a along with Yosuga’s sister who suddenly became pregnant but didn’t say why (but she was obviously raped) and one day she was found dead after killing herself. It’s because of this incident Yosuga has dedicated himself to making medicines and helping people (especially women) at the bathhouse. After this, Yosuga hears a random woman that Byakuya will be performing her ceremony dance. He wishes he could see her dance (since he can’t leave) but Camilla suggests he get a pass to leave the Underworld. Yosuga says he can’t make any promises since he’s busy with the bathhouse, but does want to see her perform.

One day, Yosuga calls Byakuya to his room and tells her to hide so she can overhear a conversation with him and Sakyou because he believes she deserves to hear what he has to say. While she listens, Sakyou requests for Yosuga to become Byakuya’s husband and to bear her children. He believes it would benefit him as he would be allowed to live on the surface again and also tells him it doesn’t matter who mates with her because she only ever has white children supposedly. Doing this will allow Sakyou to essentially get Byakuya to have more “white” babies for research purposes and in his eyes it’s a win-win for both of them. But, if he declines he’s going to try and use Nagusa as the seed planter 😳. Yosuga asks for time to think about his answer, and in the meanwhile Byakuya comes out of hiding (he also licks a random blood wound she got lol).

So Yosuga decides to take Byakuya on a late night trip to her homeland, Tenyou. Apparently Tsukiyomi told a white lie to Byakuya with her being unable to return to her island. She actually can if she wants to and only lied so she wouldn’t try to go back home again on her own as a child. So the whirlpool surrounding the island disappears as she and Yosuga approach it on the boat. She immediately starts crying after being overwhelmed with nostalgia and Yosuga comforts her. He the tells her about the story of the “boat of the full moon”. Apparently it was tradition (since no men lived on their island) to have a (irohana) flower placed on a man’s doorstep and they were guided to Tenyou from Tenguu. This is how the “white” colors were able to continue to reproduce.

Suddenly, he pretends to assault her and tells her that a “purple” was killed by a “white” and as he was growing up all he was ever told was how wicked and evil “whites” were. Little did he realize that they were indeed kind and he especially realized it after meeting Byakuya. He then stops and tells her that he intends to kill Sakyou and wants Byakuya to “claim” they are future husband and wife so he can protect her and do so. He also warns her she’s most likely to be sexually assaulted and used as a test subject if Sakyou isn’t killed. She’s hesitant for an answer so he doesn’t press her for an answer since it’s her call. After this, Byakuya meets with Yosuga again and he tells her that his sister left a letter indicating that it was a “blue” that killed her (along w) a blue symbol handkerchief). Yosuga suspects both Sakyou and Shura since the blue chief died right after this incident (and Shura took over).

So finally Byakuya’s marriage to Yosuga starts to become official after Kanan decides to write about it in his newspaper. Byakuya pretty much decides she wants Yosuga as her husband since she loves him but the two of them after confessed their feelings yet lol. After meeting with the color leaders, they all approve of Byakuya’s marriage regardless of Yosuga’s background. Byakuya also remembers that she gave a seashell to Tsukiyomi (who was taking care of a young Yosuga) when she was a child so he could give it to a sad boy who lost his family (Yosuga). Afterwords, Nagusa becomes more aggressive and Yosuga finally tells him to back off and get away from his wife by threatening him. Yosuga then tells Byakuya his plans to try and lure Shura and get to Sakyou.

Byakuya is against him doing this all on his own and states she intends to protect him as well and refuses to stand by idly. Yosuga tries to refute her reasoning but she stands by it because she cares about him. He’s so surprised and happy by this that he immediately starts to kiss her. Byakuya is just enjoying it too much though and just lets it happen. But before they can continue any further, Yosuga stops in shock after seeing her hair turn purple. She tells him it’s because she met her other half, being him, and he becomes speechless after hearing this. Byakuya is confused but he just puts her clothes back on and pushes her out of the room while saying he’ll see her tomorrow all so he can assess his feels LOL.

After this, Yosuga and Byakuya confront Shura about the handkerchief that was left with “Ayame” aka his sister’s letter. Shura is shocked but also admits she did indeed kill her supposedly but says nothing else and leaves. Sakyou then threatens to harm all of Byakuya and Yosuga’s friends in the Underworld if they continue to get in his way. Byakuya doesn’t believe that Shura really killed his sister though and so Yosuga finally decides to lure Sakyou to his bathhouse and drugs him. After rendering him unconscious, they also lure out Shura and use Sakyou as a hostage so they’ll tell the truth about his sister’s death. Finally, after threatening to kill Shura, Sakyou reveals the past blue leader (who was Shura’s husband) is the one who caused Ayame’s death.

Shura couldn’t have children thanks to the discolor disease and so her husband wanted Ayame to give birth in her stead. After she refused, he raped her and then she killed herself. Shura and Sakyou then deemed he was an unnecessary existence and killed him. They then used him in experiments to find a cure for the discolor disease but masked it as him getting the discolor disease and dying. So now that the truth is out, Sakyou tries to kill Yosuga by choking him with his restraints. Thankfully, he stops after Byakuya tells him he wants to make a trade with him. She tells him that in exchange for donating her blood, she wants him to leave Yosuga, her, and her future children alone, to build a school in the Underworld and allow them on the surface once in a while, and finally, to build a mailbox on the surface as well.

Yosuga and Byakuya pretend they never heard anything, and the two of them agree to their terms. As they go back to the bathhosue, Yosuga and Byakuya hug each other and as Byakuya starts crying and telling Yosuga it’s okay to cry, he does as well. After this, they go to Tenyou island and Yosuga brings up the shell he got from her as a kid which made him very happy. So they make long love on the island and he gives her a ring afterwords as thanks for the shell she gave him long ago.

In the epilogue, Camilla, Asuha, Yosuga and Byakuya all go to the beach together. Meanwhile, Yosuga picks up Byakuya and they kiss 😌. In the 1st bad end, Yosuga ends up killing Sakyou, so since he knows he’s going to be executed for it he asks Byakuya to kill him. They sleep together before this and months pass. Byakuya is pregnant with his child and plans to go to live on Tenyou island with her maid and Yosuga’s soul crystal. In the 2nd bad end, Sakyou makes a deal with Olympia to pretty much be a baby maker and to sleep with men to have “white” babies (so basically she becomes Sakyou’s prostitute because he’s so obsessed with her having white babies to experiment on like what the fuck).

Thoughts: Yosuga was definitely my 2nd favorite character and it genuinely surprised me because I thought he’d be my least favorite (he had hardcore Shizuka vibes from Nil Admirari). In every route he should his support for Byakuya in finding a husband and he was honestly really sweet. I think he and Byakuya also had the best chemistry because his situation was very similar to Byakuya in the sense his entire purple clan was wiped out and he was the only one left. Uchida Yuuma also has such a soothing voice and I liked him as Yosuga more than Ulen from Cendrillon PalikA. Although, it is kind of annoying when he kept saying “lol you no likey then kill me pls” like boy don’t pull that “im thirsty for death” shit I heard enough of it from Kei in Collar x Malice lol. His 1st bad end was just bittersweet, but his 2nd bad end was kinda fucked and shitty for Byakuya. I don’t think I’d mind seeing them raise kids because I’m sure Yosuga would be a good dad lol.

[I didn’t expect Byakuya to become a prostitute in a bad end but here we are…]

Himuka (CV: Shun Horie) is the so called “walking funeral” funeral (who mourns souls) and his job is to use his ability to exact souls that are “discolored”. He’s super shy though and barely talks to anyone (with the exception of Olympia).

Byakuya tries to befriend Himuka and invites him to the beach where he starts breaking down crying to actually be talking to her (lol chill out boy). Byakuya decides to invite him to her beach house and shows him the things she collects. One day, Kuroba invites them to eat at the bathhouse where Yosuga serves them food. Himuka eats together with them for the first time but then asks to hang out with Byakuya again at the beach. Then one day, a couple kills themselves because they can’t be together. Himuka crystallizes their bodies and Byakuya comes with him to a beach area where he scatters their ashes in the ocean. On the boat he accidentally falls on her and suddenly gets super aroused by her soft skin. Realizing this, he flips out and apologizes a million times.

One day, Himuka invites Byakuya to his home full of bone collections which Byakuya doesn’t find creepy at all (rather she’s super interested in it). After this, he takes her to a fountain with my soul crystals. He normally touches corpses so touching her made him realize he likes the soft and warm feeling of living beings lol. He also wants to show her a place he likes when it’s dark or rains and they promise to meet up again. Byakuya pretty much realizes she’s in love with Himuka at this point but doesn’t know how to go about asking him to be her husband. After going to see Kanan for Kaina’s sake she is of course harrassed by him and Nagusa. Thankfully Hairi (teal newspaper boy) appears and she runs away.

Byakuya runs into Himuka again while talking with Kuroba but even says himself he cannot be her husband because of certain reasons he won’t say. He does tell her he loves though before running away. Later, she goes to the Underworld to find Hairi getting harassed by a “blue”. Himuka appears and scares him off but he just gets pissed and bitches at Byakuya again to the point of her to go die (this kid needs to chill). Suddenly there’s a sort of earthquake  and so the red and yellow leaders Jigen and Douma go to meet Tsukiyomi about it. Even Himuka does the same and Byakuya overhears him say that Hairi is somehow connected to Izanami who is Himuka’s mother.

After all this, there are sudden disappearances of people so they suspect Himuka who has the power to essentially instantly kill someone (when he turns them to crystal). So Byakuya meets Himuka in his home and he explains more of his backstory plus the gods backstory. Amaterasu is the sun god living in Tenyou’s spring. Meanwhile, Izanami the god of darkness is sleeping in the spring of death that resides where Tsukiyomi lives in Tenguu’s Underworld. And if Izanami wakes up, the spring will flood and kill everyone. Himuka was Izanami’s first child but because he was a bad color he was put into a boat and was swept away by the sea. In other words, he’s Hiruko, the one who created Tenguu island.

Byakuya has tons of questions but for now Himuka locks Byakuya in his home so she won’t be targeted next by Hairi since he’s the most likely suspect. The next day, Himuka comes back to explain to Byakuya that she’s more likely to be targeted because Izanami hates all light and she’s a white which are born from Amaterasu’s tears. He then feeds her some fruit and she feeds him some too (lol kinda weird when she’s like almost naked and the CG makes it look like he’s feeding a dog lmao). Akaza then appears at the door and finds Byakuya there with Himuka. He manages to convince him to let her go (but also snaps at him randomly by saying the reds are cursed … Ok) and so she leaves.

So Byakuya’s maid follows her as an escort around the town to protect her from the kidnappings. She of course still wants Himuka to be her husband so she meets him while it’s raining at the waterfall. She tells him this but he tells her he cannot give her what she needs because he has no “color”. Regardless she ain’t gonna give up and they kiss for the first time. They also watch the rainbow appear after the rain and he gives her a rainbow bracelet as well. Next day, Hairi is causing havoc and they find him about to crystallize a girl who turned black and Byakuya often talked to. He tells her he’ll continue turning people’s souls into crystals unless she gives him her white crystallized soul.

So Byakuya goes to where Tsukiyomi resides and finds both Kanan and Hairi there. They lock her in and tell her they intend to take her “white” crystal. Before that of course Kanan has to be a disgusting perv and try and sexually assault Byakuya. Thankfully, Himuka appears just in time to stop them. But then when Camilla appears, she’s taken over by Izanami and continues to tell Hairi to take Byakuya’s soul crystal and threatens to tear apparent Camilla’s limbs after ripping off her arm. She forces herself to regain consciousness and tries to tell them to run away. But Kanan stops all that by threatening Hairi with a gun to hurry up and kill Byakuya. But in the end, Himuka says screw it and decides to sacrifice himself to erase Izanami for good. But in doing so, his body starts to crumble since his body is actually a doll that Tsukiyomi created.

Years ago he wanted to protect Amaterasu but couldn’t get close to her due to his ugly colors. So after using his fake body, he got close to Byakuya because Amaterasu actually resides in her soul but then fell in love with “Byakuya” in the process. He also feels regret creating so many colors (because his love for rainbows) but not realizing how broken his system had become. So he disappears and Byakuya is left alone with Tsukiyomi, wondering if there is a way to bring him back. Tsukiyomi explains he and Himuka are essentially “gods” that created the color system (Tsukiyomi created yellow and Himuka created blue) but have already used up their power doing so. He then pulls out half a mirror and tells her she needs Amaterasu’s help. So she needs to go to Tenyou to go communicate with Amaterasu.

So she goes to Tenyou island and meets with Amaterasu and tells her she wants Himuka back. So she can either have Amaterasu use the Tori gate with the “soul crystals” that feeds the fake sun that Himuka created, or she can give up half her life for Himuka. She of course chooses to give up half her life and Himuka reappears again. She’s also Himuka’s sister and gives Himuka the farewell gift of a human body. So now Himuka and Byakuya reunite they can be husband and wife lol. So Byakuya goes to his home and while they make out, Byakuya’s hair turns an ash grey like Himuka’s hair. Himuka is super happy he has “color” and so they continue to make love lol.

In the epilogue, they decide to move forward without relying on Gods and return the mirror to the palace. In the 1st bad end, Sakyou kidnaps and drugs Byakuya and take her to where Kanan and Hairi are. They then tell Hairi to have sex with her??? Uh?? In the 2nd bad end, Byakuya is turned into a white soul crystal and so he has Tsukiyomi make a doll version of her to live with.

Thoughts: I really thought I was going to like Himuka at first, but I was rather surprised at how much of a bore his route was imo. I really thought I was going to enjoy his route a lot but it felt like he wasn’t present in his route during chunks of it. He had a similar way about him to Hisui from Nil Admirari (like how he always thinks he’s ugly) yet not as nearly as a good character. He seems cute at first, but then you realize he’s basically the reason the island exists and seems to be obsessed with his sister (especially in Akaza’s route). He clearly hates Akaza because of his connection to Susanoo, so idk he was cute at times but the romance between him and Byakuya just felt like it existed solely on the base of Byakuya’s connection to Amaterasu. Kanan was also a disgusting shit in this route and I think more than anything I just wanted to see ANYONE kill that bitch. Also, did he really have to lock her into the shack to protect her?? He’s not even a yandere character but like, I’m sick of characters thinking that shit does anything.

[ah yes… let us watch a 12 year old have his way with a sleeping Byakuya………..]

[You’re my barbie girl and since we’re both dolls,, we’re gonna have doll sex!!]

Akaza (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka) is the director of Kotowari which is Tenguu’s archive of every citizen’s personal information. He’s very serious and work-focused but also shows interest in wanting to change the ways of the island. He immediately offers to become Byakuya’s husband if she doesn’t find one.

Byakuya visits Akaza as per her letter deliveries and he immediately brings up her husband searching progress. She shows no interest in him, but he also believes she shouldn’t just reject him without getting to know him first since affection could develop naturally for them. So he offers to go on a date with her so he can get to know him better. The next day, she meets Akaza at the beach in his more casual clothes. Apparently he doesn’t wear glasses outside of work (so I guess he’s only half a megane 😞). They then go to Tenyou island where Byakuya grew up and she starts crying after seeing it for the first time in years. Akaza comforts her and realizes there’s a more of a sympathetic side to him. So she and him go back to Tenguu and since she jumped into the lake back on the island, Akaza takes her back to her hideout. She thanks him for the date though and when he says “you’re welcome” she gets tsun feels for him.

After this, Akaza tells Byakuya he’s actually legit interested in her and hopes for a 2nd date. She gets tsun about it though and runs away. When she meets with Jigen, she finds out that Akaza is his son. Unfortunately, when she gets Tsukiyomi’s opinion on Akaza he tells her it’s better that she doesn’t get involved with him because he’s a “red” and supposedly they have cursed blood. The reason for that is because in the legend Susanoo tried to defile Amaterasu and in rejecting him, she was killed. So then he regretted it and then killed himself and his blood became cursed “red” blood. But Byakuya doesn’t believe any of this would affect her relationship with Akaza anyway so she doesn’t listen lol.

One day, Byakuya meets Akaza again and he tells her that while Jigen is his father they don’t have the same relations as a normal parent and child so no one knows they are. This is for the sake of gaining a position of power without his father’s influence. In addition, his mother is actually a woman from Tenyou named Suzuha. It was a rare case where a male was born with the color red so he was immediately sent to Tenguu. Jigen also lied about finding him washed up on sea instead of telling everyone he’s his actual son. Byakuya literally can believe it but Akaza let’s her just take it in and tells her it’s crazy but it’s the truth. So he invites her to make her dinner and she promises to meet him at Kotowari’s office.

Meanwhile, Byakuya finds a story book wash up on shore about Izanagi and Izanami. It’s about them having Hiruko but since he’s an ugly child, they put him on a leaf and leave him to sail away. Then after having Kagutsuchi, he burned Izanami and made her a hideous figure that Izanagi couldn’t bear. So he threw peaches at her and she was driven away. So she then takes the book to her hideout to dry and when she leaves she notices the sky look darker. She tells this to Douma so she does a sun dance ceremony early to bring back the sun. Next day, she delivers a love letter from a green in the Underworld to Kanan. But of course he’s a shit disturber as usual as says she’s better off not involving with Akaza and he could potentially be the reason the sky was dark.

Even Tsukiyomi presses Byakuya to not approach Akaza but she refuses to listen to him. So finally, Akaza and Byakuya reschedule their date and he comes to her hideout so he can make dinner for her. So he comes over and brings lots of food to celebrate her belated 18th birthday. He also realizes that she seems hesitant around him sometimes and figures out that Tsukiyomi doesn’t want her around him because of his supposedly cursed red blood. But Byakuya tells him she doesn’t care anyway cause she thinks he’s a good person. She also tells him that she has the “batsu” power and used it on Douma rendering his hand useless. Although, Akaza apparently already knew this and was told he should try and support her through it from Jigen.

After this, Akaza invites Byakuya to another date but more of a late night excursion to show her another side of the beach with the ocean full of soul crystals. They ride a boat together and Akaza gives her a necklace and puts it around her neck. He basically asks if she can finally admit she loves him because he most certainly loves her. She of course, tries to beat around it and finally admits she loves him and they kiss for the first time. So the next day, darkness envelops the sky so Douma takes Byakuya to the Underworld with Akaza and Himuko (who accuses Douma of stealing a mirror). Tsukiyomi then explains to Byakuya that Amaterasu claimed she would come back, taking Byakuya’s body as a vessel when she turned 18.

When Amaterasu was killed by Susanoo, she left a mirror that is needed to awaken her inside Byakuya but he broke it in half. Apparently Tsukiyomi is also not a marebito but a “God” (his name was pretty obvious with this though??) Born from Amaterasu whom Izanagi, their father, left three items, a sword, a mirror, and a magatama. After Susanoo killed Amaterasu, the 2nd world they live in now was created by Hiruko aka Himuka. So now that they both have hatred for Susanoo, they also hate Akaza because a sword was brought to him (since the waves typically bring items meant to return to their rightful owner on the island) which was supposedly the sword Susanoo used to kill Amaterasu and Akaza’s red was born from that blood. Because of this, Tsukiyomi keeps saying he should’ve killed Akaza when he had the chance.

After this, Byakuya runs away in shock but Akaza stops her to talk to her about it. He was 18 when he first got the supposed cursed Susanoo sword and had a dream the next day of killing Amaterasu. He decided to toss it into the sea and did it about 20 times but it always came back to him. One time, he saw blood on the edge of it and from then on he stopped smiling and became very stotic most of his life. Akaza also heard from Jigen the other mirror half is in the lake on Tenyou but doesn’t know for sure if that’s true. So after this, Kanan shit disturbs with his news about Byakuya and Akaza. She visits him and he tells her it’s possible that Douma was the cause of the whites all dying and may have been her mother’s killer.

Byakuya has doubts but it’s when she tells her maid this, that she tells her that it’s definitely not the case and the one who caused the disaster is already dead. She also reveals she was originally a “white” who threw away her heritage and dyed her hair. That being said, she’s too old to have kids and hopes Byakuya will find love and be able to have a white child. So the next day, Byakuya runs into Himuka who basically rambles about bringing back his sister Amaterasu and just sees Byakuya as her. Byakuya just nopes out at this point and then finds out a new story was published by Kanan about a curse since Tenguu is covered in darkness. People start rioting and wanting to take people from the Underworld and use their soul crystals to sacrifice to the Tori gate and bring the sun back.

It starts to get so bad that the people of the island want to kill Byakuya to rid the curse after she’s unable to dance and bring the sun back. But Akaza gets pissed and immediately comes to her aid and tells anyone who tries to harm her will be killed and he intends to protect her. So they ward off the angry people and go back to Byakuya’s beach house. Byakuya starts believing it would just be better for her to become Amaterasu to bring the sun back, but Akaza is like “nope, not happening” and since he knows she really loves him, he starts making out with her which leads to them sleeping together (Byakuya’s hair turns red too albeit her sprite is actually colored all red unlike the rest ??). Apparently he’s always been watching her since she was 16 but she never looked his way even when she was dancing. He also still had the dreams killing Amaterasu so he feared he would do the same.

The next day, Byakuya and Akaza figure they need Amaterasu’s help to bring the sun back so they speak with Douma and believe that no one really knows how to wake Amaterasu and it’s only Byakuya who has the power to do so. Douma tells Akaza to change fate and turn his sword into a good one. Byakuya then goes to talk with Tsukiyomi and tries to convince her to just leave the world they live in behind and start a new one. But Byakuya refuses and finally he tells her he didn’t destroy the mirror and hid the other half somewhere on the island and tells her to go find it if she wishes. So Byakuya tells Akaza and everyone this and they go hunting for it. So she finally decides to search Tenyou island’s lake.

In doing so, she sees a memory of her parents talking about becoming parents of their unborn child, Byakuya. After retrieving the half of the mirror, Douma greets Byakuya back on Tenguu island and tells her to follow him into the palace where the mirror was stolen. She sees from the mirror the other half in the lake of death in the Underworld. So she goes there and Tsukiyomi confirms that the other half of the mirror is indeed in the lake of death. In addition, he also created the discolor disease because he thought humans were stupid by endlessly arguing about which color is best. Byakuya leaves and tries to figure out how to obtain the mirror. Finally, while earthquakes occur and as the island slowly goes into chaos, Byakuya goes back to the lake of death.

Byakuya meets Tsukiyomi and Douma there. Tsukiyomi has pretty much lost it at this point and wants to bring back Amaterasu. Douma decides to explain to Byakuya that he was her father and her mother’s lover and failed to protect the people on the island. Byakuya jumps into the lake of death and sees a flashback with her mother and the past yellow chief. He told her mother to kill her child (Byakuya) and so become his wife and have a child with him instead. She refused and so he killed her. It was after that, Douma cursed Amaterasu for not saving his wife and decided that he would protect Byakuya from becoming her vessel. Byakuya then sinks deeper into the water after finding the mirror but is pulled out by Akaza.

Unfortunately, once they come out of the water, Byakuya’s body starts deteriorating and Izanami’s soul speaks through a butterfly. Byakuya begs Akaza to kill her while she’s herself, but he of course refuses, and kisses her. And so love prevails and suddenly a rainbow appears in the sky and it rains rainbow raindrops. Amaterasu then appears and tells Byakuya she’s been with her since she drank water out of the lake in Tenyou. After watching her experience love it basically restored her faith in humanity.

Some time passes, Tenguu is back to normal and the Tori gate has turned white. Byakuya reconnects with her father, who is Douma, in an awkward family reunion lol. He had plans to leave the island, but Byakuya convinces him to stay. In the epilogue, Byakuya’s letter reaches the girl from another time (the letter from 2020) and Byakuya is apparently already pregnant before they even got married lmaoo. In the 1st bad end, Tsukiyomi breaks the mirror and takes Byakuya on a boat to this other world he keeps talking about. In the 2nd bad end, Akaza is forced to kill Byakuya and the world is enveloped in darkness.

Thoughts: Unsurprisingly, this route felt the longest. But having said that, I still can’t tell if it just felt long because it had the most plot??? Well, that being said, this is where everything is basically explained (albeit there’s really not as much backstory as you would think, cause its mostly lore stuff based on Izanami/Izanagi). I wanted to like Akaza more than I did, but I’m really not a fan of one-sided love trying to win the girl over unless its done right. I guess because its implied shes pregnant then Olympia would definitely be having a baby in a FD? Hm. Akaza basically liked Byakuya from the get-go, so it wasn’t really her winning his affection, but him winning hers. Which is fine, but I prefer it in a more funny setting (like Variable Barricade). Idk, maybe he just seemed a bit too thirsty after barely really knowing the girl. And jfc I thought he was gonna be more megane / kuudere-ish, but he was HORNY AF. Matsuoka was basically moaning every line when they were making out so im like thinking ‘welp Matsuoka is the one who made this game Cero D right???’ (ok im jk Byakuya gets every D in this game so Cero D makes sense). I still kinda wish the other characters were a little more relevant in his route but they were all kinda sidelined. Also are we supposed to just forget Tsukiyomi was the reason for so many deaths on the island?? Or does no one care after the world is back to normal?? I hate things like that.

[A bad end that makes you question Tsukiyomi’s motives.]

Final Thoughts: I think this game is ‘okay’ at best for me. It’s not a bad game and I really did enjoy the story but I started to lose interest halfway through. It almost felt like the writer didn’t really know what direction to go after giving an in-depth explanation of the world building in the common route. Because at times, the routes were very dragged out. Honestly, I didn’t really enjoy this game as much as Nil Admirari, but I still think it’ll probably get a sequel. Like Nil Admirari I think it has potential to be better with a FD. At the very least, I didn’t feel very connected with the characters all that much. And that probably has to do with the fact I kind of liked the characters more in Nil Admirari (and had a huge bias for Hisui). But also there just wasn’t much depth to these characters. I felt like I learned most about Yosuga, but the rest of the characters you didn’t get a whole lot of background. One thing I immensely enjoyed though was seeing Byakuya’s hair turn the color of the guy she made out with because she essentially absorbed their colors temporarily lol.

[Her hair turned the complete shade of the respected color in CGs, but for some reason only Akaza’s route had her hair turn completely red in the sprite.]

Anyways, this girl can literally taste the rainbow if ya know what I mean…… Also, there are A LOT of random characters in this game and so a lot of random small events happen with these characters. I wish there was more portrait art for some of them. I only say that because they all had names and weren’t just “woman 1” or something like that. Because of that, I could barely remember them. And half the time we get a story about a woman who was abused in some way, but I just wish they at least got sprites. IMO the reveals weren’t surprising at all and while I think its totally okay for games to not focus on plot, not much ever really happened except in Akaza’s route. It was mostly Byakuya running around the town delivering letters. Which is fine, but sometimes certain events that happened in one route with randos, would happen again in another. There was barely much interaction with the LIs together. By that I mean, you would never see each main character in the same room together. That was one thing I liked about Nil Admirari tbh. There’s also a lot of oppression of women which is a familiar theme in this writers games. Obviously a girl looking to become a baby maker isn’t exactly an “ideal” plot in a lot of ways.

Unfortunately, things didn’t really get fixed in this broken discriminatory world so I’m curious if they intend to fix it in a FD. The thing with a FD is now that Byakuya has her man, next is have babies. Unfortunately, she can’t really not have babies unless for some reason she magically doesn’t have to anymore… but I mean, the whole point of the game is to create more whites because she’s the only one left (she was pregnant in Akaza’s route though). Now, I guess what this means is, either a FD will involve some sort of events right before her pregnancy, or after. So, I’m not really sure how they would choose to continue it. Still kind of annoying shes forced to have babies, but I guess the was the entire point of her finding a husband. Either way, I’m pretty sure this game would get a FD because it actually sold fairly well.

Story – Olympia Soiree does indeed have good story building that makes you sympathetic to the characters. The game itself is not very story driven however; the main premise is Olympia trying to find a marriage partner all the while learning that the island is she lives on is actually full of discrimination and misogynist views (which can be a deterrent if you’re not comfortable with a lot of that).  But she hopes while trying to find a partner and deliver letters, that she can also change the laws of the island. Unfortunately, because it focused so heavily on the story building and lore, it kind of felt like there wasn’t enough development for the characters. That being said, it still focuses a lot on romance and a lot of those scenes are very satisfying when you get them.

Characters – First of all, Byakuya is a great heroine. I honestly didn’t have anything against her. It’s unfortunate her writer feels the need to put her in helpless situations at times. She was definitely a more outspoken heroine than Tsugumi was in Nil Admirari and she always disagreed with the ways of the island. As for the love interests, I think all the characters had their own charm, but I did find the development of the romance to be lacking for some routes. And truthfully, none of the characters really stuck to me. I also felt the writing for the characters could’ve been better. There are just so many characters in this game that sometimes it loses focus on the ones that are more important. That being said, most of the side characters are pretty unlikable, but I think that’s due to them having to have a conflict character in each route. I thought Camilla was adorable though (she looked like a female Hisui).

Visuals/System – The UI (especially the menus) are very similar to Nil Admirari so it wasn’t really anything special. The whole premise is about color classes, so there’s a lot of white and other colors in a crystal-like appearance. I’m pretty sure even the chapter title interludes had the same sound effect as Nil Admirari lol. There were extra omake scenes that all had CGs and they were all pretty cute.

Music – There were actually a lot of tracks I liked from this game. I probably let the OP play like 90% of the time when I started up the game. And I also liked the bad ED theme (rarely enough it did have a song for it). As for the BGM, it wasn’t bad, there were a few tracks I liked.

Final Thoughts: I’m not gonna lie, I was really liking the build-up of this game. It definitely had good world building and was pretty specific about certain things in the world it was setting up. But, I wasn’t really wowed. I sort of became a bit bored half way through the game because it struggled to develop the characters after all the world building. I feel like because of that, I didn’t really enjoy the characters as much. Like, the romance didn’t have much build up, and Olympia was in love with one of the guys within a few weeks. Its weird though, cause the characters aren’t exactly unlikable, I just wanted more with them. It just felt like something was missing. It’s funny since this game felt super long. I think this game could definitely use a FD / sequel because they clearly left it somewhat open-ended on purpose. Its not like things really changed in most of the routes. And one of the key points of this game was to show the corruption of the hierarchy color system in place and want change. Even Nil Admirari felt unfinished when I first played it, I guess the writer really wanted to make it seem like there’s room for more.

I started to compare this game to The Handmaid’s Tale because of the way women barely have any freedoms (no education, are encouraged to not read, baby makers). Also, apparently the more pure colors (essentially the rich) are usually infertile, so they sometimes have the “bad” or impure colors (who are usually healthy) have their babies instead. I swear, you’d find more about the world itself then the characters sometimes. I even feel like the lore was more important than the characters. Usually you can tell who is most important and least important based on the content of their route. Which is why true routes kind of annoy me because it seems like the rest of the characters are a bit less important and don’t get as much plot reveal. Because of that, I found myself getting bored halfway through some routes because surprisingly, there was a lot of times where the character who’s route you were doing would be off-screen for a chunk of their route (this happened more in Kuroba’s route).

Anyway, would I recommend this game? It really depends. I enjoyed this game a lot at first but I think there’s just a lot of different factors that had me slowly lose interest. I think by Akaza’s route I felt burnt out from a few routes that weren’t doing it for me (but I was forced to do them first since Akaza is locked until you do all the other routes). You’d think most of the time Byakuya would be with her potential LI, but it felt like they had to shove some much other stuff with annoying sub characters & randos that there wasn’t enough time with them. It’s also a misogynist and discriminatory setting albeit Olympia is always against these ideals and does want change. This game likes to you show you that while the people living above are more well off in a sense, the people below are the ones who are most genuine (unfortunately women are still usually unhappy). I daresay most of the sub characters above were absolute trash while the ones living below were all nice. I mean, if this gets a FD I’ll play it, but I really hope the trash sub characters get tossed.


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3 thoughts on “Olympia Soiree オランピアソワレ – Review/Summary”


JUNE 18, 2020 AT 10:01 AM

do you think this game could have a chance at localization?



JUNE 21, 2020 AT 3:04 AM

With the otome games chosen for localization thus far, it’s kind of hard to say. Personally, I don’t think its a game Aksys will localize. Its more focused on romance & the plot is essentially finding a partner which isn’t up Aksys’ alley in terms of picking games. But I think if any other company were to (Idea Factory International for example) it’s possible. If a company finally picks up Nil Admirari or some other romance focused game, I’ll believe it when I see it.



DECEMBER 1, 2020 AT 4:54 PM

I was curious about this game coz it’s getting a localization next year (and I saw your reply to someone else and I agree tbh, so I was surprised to see aksys decide they were gonna localise this) and see how bad the routes are going to be… But I guess typical to add some really awful stuff but like sexual assault? They could have been written a lot better or they could’ve thought of much better ways to give us something really bad… Coz rape seems to always be a given as ‘bad’ in otome games… Why are these dudes always so horny… I’m sure there’s other women out there???

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