The Elemental Masters people who have mastered the various elements in the world of Ninjago. Originally serving as guardians to the First Spinjitzu Master, their powers have been passed down from generation to generation so that they are able to protect Ninjago from evil forces.

During the first Serpentine War, the Elemental Masters formed an alliance to protect the citizens from the Serpentine. However, thanks to Chen’s manipulation, the Elemental Masters became divided and were scattered across the world for years. Ironically, it was Chen’s Tournament of Elements that brought the descendants of the original masters together to form a new Elemental Alliance against the threat of the Anacondrai Cultists.

Elemental Masters, Their Descendants, and Elements
Fire is the first element and is one of the six main elements. Its Spinjitzu is red, it corresponds with the Sword of Fire and the Fire Dragon, and is generally associated with the color red. It can grant the power of Pyrokinesis, allowing the user to shoot fireballs, propel them upward, and melt matter, like the element of Ice.

Kai and Nya’s Father

Ice is the second element and is one of the six main elements. Its Spinjitzu is light blue and white, corresponds with the Shurikens of Ice and the Ice Dragon, and is generally associated with the color white. It can grant the power of Cryokinesis, allowing the user to freeze enemies solid, create strong ice constructs (like escape routes), or extinguish fire.

First Elemental Master of Ice

Lightning is the third element and is one of the six main elements. It is the element of electricity — with some ties to wind as well — and it is generally associated with the color blue. Lightning has blue Spinjitzu, and corresponds with the Nunchucks of Lightning and the Lightning Dragon. It can power and sometimes overload electrical devices/systems, and electrocute enemies.

First Elemental Master of Lightning

Earth is the fourth element and is one of the main six elements of Ninjago. It represents rock, dust, and other minerals of the ground. Earth’s Spinjitzu is brown, it corresponds with the Scythe of Quakes and the Earth Dragon, and is associated with the colors brown and black. It grants the power of Geokinesis, and it can be used to cause earthquakes and fissures as well as immobilize enemies. manipulate the dust, move the tectonic plates and generate chasm and fractures and in some cases control the sand and possibly the lava as well.

First Elemental Master of Earth

Energy is one of the most powerful elements in Ninjago and is one of the six main elements. It is the element with the most potential, as its master is destined to become the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master. It grants the user Ergokinesis, manifesting itself as the color green. It allows the user to shoot powerful energy projections, create an energy force field (Elemental Shield), summon an energy motorcycle, and enhance the energy of objects (turning them green on occasions). It’s Spinjitzu is green, and corresponds with the Energy Dragon.

First Spinjitzu Master
Lloyd Garmadon

Water is the sixth element in Ninjago and is one of six main elements, associated with the color light blue and related to Ice. It gives the user the powers of hydrokinesis that can allow the user to control the water, create a water shield and spheres, blast water, and generate tidal waves.

Kai and Nya’s Mother
Lar (Non-canon)

Golden Power is related to the powers of Creation, originally used by the First Spinjitzu Master. It is usually seen as an stronger form of Creation and Energy, and is thus a combination of all the main elements (Fire, Earth, Lightning, Ice, and Energy). Unlike Creation, the Golden Power is used primarily for offensive energy attacks, and making ”constructs” that appear to be mostly made of energy rather than matter. Although, the user is also able to create and control large amounts of the four main elements. Its Spinjitzu is bright gold, it is associated with the color gold, and corresponds with the Golden Dragon. Unlike Lloyd, Sensei Wu and Garmadon aren’t able to use the Golden Power, as the element skipped a generation.

First Spinjitzu Master
Lloyd Garmadon (Formerly)
Creation is the opposite of Destruction (and may be the pure variant). Its Spinjitzu is a dull gold (as opposed to Golden Power’s brighter gold Spinjitzu), which is the color it is associated with. The element is composed of the four main elements (Earth, Fire, Ice, and Lightning). The abilities of the user vary greatly, and is vaguely unknown, since its only appearance on the show was in the form of Spinjitzu. Although, in a couple of the pilot episodes, Sensei Wu was seen creating things, like a cup and blanket, out of thin air and the Ninja can create objects like weapons, building, etc.

First Spinjitzu Master
Lloyd Garmadon
Tornado of Creation
Mega Weapon
Lord Garmadon
Darkness is the opposite of Golden Power. (In some cases represents It evil and shadow), corresponds with The Overlord and the Island of Darkness, and is associated with the color dark purple. It allows the user to control/manipulate darkness (shadow), to shoot powerful purple blasts, propel themselves forward (often through the air), and to create a field of absolute darkness. A form of it made up the Great Devourer’s venom, which then coursed through Garmadon’s veins, corrupting him (and possibly his element, which may have been Creation).

The Overlord
Metal is a secondary element in the world of Ninjago. It is related to Earth (the metal is found in the earth), associated with the color silver. The user can use it to become entirely metal, increasing their resistance to attacks and elemental powers. It also increases the power of their attacks when in their metal form

First Elemental Master of Metal
Light is a secondary element in Ninjago, not associated with a specific color (similarly to the spectrum of light itself). It can be used defensively by turning the user invisible. In this temporary form, the user is able to evade attacks easily and even retreat. It can be revealed with dust.

First Elemental Master of Light
Speed is a secondary element in the world of Ninjago, associated with the color crimson. It is used to go to extreme speeds, surpassing the fastest things in the world. This element also allows the user to evade attacks very easily and to land blows of their own with great efficiency.

First Elemental Master of Speed
Griffin Turner
Smoke is a secondary element in the world of Ninjago, associated with the color light grey. It is used to evade attacks and obstacles. If it is offensive, the user can counterattack with a flurry of attacks. It can also be used defensively to teleport around, avoiding hits and confusing the enemy.

First Elemental Master of Smoke
Mind is a secondary element in the world of Ninjago, associated with the color grey. It allows the user to read other people’s minds and predict their next moves, useful for evading attacks. It can also be used offensively to give the enemy a headache.

First Elemental Master of Mind
Gravity is a secondary element in the world of Ninjago, associated with the color maroon. It allows the user to levitate in the air, as well as move objects and people around in it. This can be used to counter projectiles, by manipulating gravity so they fly back to the caster/shooter.

First Elemental Master of Gravity
Nature is one of the secondary elements used in Ninjago, associated with the color brown. It allows the user to create plants for trapping enemies or make a route to escape. It can also be used to defend oneself by creating a plant to block a projectile shot at the user.

First Elemental Master of Nature
Sound is one of the secondary elements used in Ninjago, associated with the color cyan (but is otherwise colorless). It allows its user to create sound beams to attack a direction they aim at. This can also be used to create many noises and to manipulate one’s voice to sound like others.

First Elemental Master of Sound
Jacob Pevsner
Poison is one of the secondary elements used in Ninjago, associated with the color bright green. It is used to create poison and toxic clouds with special effects like Serpentine venom. The toxic clouds enable the user to poison the enemy as well.

First Elemental Master of Poison
Shadow is a secondary, dark element used in Ninjago, associated with the color black. It allows its user to become a shadow, and to create more shadows of themselves ready to attack the enemy. It can also be used to teleport via shadows.

First Elemental Master of Shadow
Form is one of the secondary elemental powers used in Ninjago, associated with the color purple. It allows the user to shape-shift into another human form. This allows the user to become a friend of the enemy, and is useful for sneaking into places to go undercover.

First Elemental Master of Form
Amber is a secondary elemental power used in Ninjago, associated with the color orange. The user can copy any Elemental Master’s power. This allows the user to control every element (without much experience at first), which would be useful for combat and stealth.

Skylor’s Mother
Skylor (Possibly formerly)
Wind is a secondary element in Ninjago, associated with the color dark green. It can grant the power of aerokinesis, enabling flight and control over winds, as well as creating strong wind gusts, generate powerful tornadoes, vortexes, launch blast of air, balls, burst, and able to propel using the wind itself as well.

First Elemental Master of Wind
Every Elemental Master (except for Skylor) has managed to summon an Elemental Dragon. Jacob is the only one who has not used it onscreen.
It is unknown how Zane is an Elemental Master, being a Nindroid without any biological connections to a previous Elemental Master.
Curiously, an unidentified Elemental Master, who’s clothing indicates his origins are related to cold temperatures, can be seen in the flashback from ”Spellbound.”
All of the main colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple) correspond with at least one element, except for yellow.
In addition, every element corresponds with at least one color (be it main or not), except for Light.

Spinjitzu (Martial Art)

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The Ninja using Spinjitzu together making the Tornado of Creation.
Spinjitzu is a close combat martial arts technique in the world of Ninjago. It involves the user tapping into their innate Elemental energies while spinning rapidly, creating a tornado-like vortex of energy around themselves.

Spinjitzu grants the user the ability to create a tornado of a specific element and color around themselves while spinning. The user and element (if one is activated/being used) rotates rapidly, allowing quick perception and the ability to hit or spin enemies in the process.

The speed and the blocked viewing of the user acquired inside the tornado allows a fast and efficient clothing change if the clothes are available. This has been used by the Ninja on several occasions to change from normal clothing into their ninja suits.

In regards to transportation, the Spinjitzu tornado can move horizontally across surfaces at walking speed, and a bit faster speeds for more experienced users. This speed does not seem to be affected by stairs or the surface of still bodies of water. The user does not touch the ground (or surface below) while doing Spinjitzu, and hovers a few to several inches above. By propelling themselves upwards in a certain direction (using a jump or a running jump) and then doing Spinjitzu, the user can be carried through the air in that direction for a short time. This technique is most commonly used as a boost, but only more experienced users can keep themselves moving through the air long enough for it to be more effective then simply jumping the distance.

Without a weapon or active elemental power, the user’s Spinjitzu becomes dramatically less effective in defense and offense. It becomes, simply, a user spinning rapidly, without any protection other than their body. The ninja have demonstrated its inefficiency throughout Season 2 (when they lacked their elemental powers, but still had weapons) by not relying on Spinjitzu as much. Misako (without an element or a weapon) and Wu (only a staff and an element that offered no offensive advantage) also lost a fight with the Stone Army due to ineffective Spinjitzu.

The user is also given the ability to wield the Golden Weapons properly. It is unknown if this only applies to those that use the Spinjitzu of the four main elements, or to any user of Spinjitzu. One of the things required to fully master Spinjitzu is to gain one’s True Potential, unlocked once the person overcomes a personal problem that was preventing them from being at peace within themselves.

It is unknown what verbal communication is possible while doing Spinjitzu, seeing that all motions are sped up, speech would be presumably affected. In one of the pilot episodes, when Jay first learns the martial art, he talks with the other Ninja while in his tornado. Seasons later, in ”Grave Danger,” Zane tells the Ninja about his solution to the first puzzle in the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, while still doing Spinjitzu. Communication that would match the characteristics of Spinjitzu, is if two users were to talk with one another while doing Spinjitzu, as both perception and possibly speech are sped up, allowing efficient conversing.

Vision is another unspecified variable for Spinjitzu users. Presumably, the colors of a tornado (as well as any active element flying around) would partially block the user’s vision. It may be impaired to the point where the user can see as much of outside their Spinjitzu as onlookers can see inside (nothing other than the color, element, and objects or enemies being affected). This is one of the few setbacks to this martial art, as users cannot see incoming projectiles or enemies. Despite the reasonable conclusion, one of three instances that viewed the inside of a Spinjitzu tornado has revealed a controversial thought. In ”Grave Danger,” when the viewpoint is changed to what Zane sees in Spinjitzu, it appears that he was able to clearly see several feet around him as he spun, even with some streaks of color from the tornado. Though, his better vision may be connected to his other Nindroid abilities (specifically his enhanced sight and perception in general).

Notable Uses
Tornado of Creation
The four Ninja are able to use their Spinjitzu tornadoes to form the Tornado of Creation. By each Ninja doing Spinjitzu in order (Earth, Fire, Ice, then Lightning), they make a quick spiraling movement, until the four tornadoes get close enough to come together. A large vortex is immediately formed that appears as a combination of the four main elements, known as the Tornado of Creation. Coming out of this tornado is also similar to its formation, with it quickly shrinking in size, followed by the reappearance of the four Spinjitzu tornadoes. The resulting creation also stands where the Tornado of Creation had been.

It can be used similarly to Creation, but on a larger scale. The four users are able to pull materials and objects from around them and into the tornado. The result is any structure, tool, or object (of an abundance of different sizes and shapes) among an almost unlimited variety, bound only by the users’ imagination.

Despite its advantages, however, there is one serious drawback: performing the Tornado of Creation is extremely hard and dangerous. It is said that it takes total cooperation, trust, and teamwork for it to be accomplished, or it will have disastrous consequences. Due to this costly risk, the Tornado of Creation is only used in the most desperate of times, if not, as a last resort.

Pilot Episodes
”Way of the Ninja”
Sensei Wu uses Creation Spinjitzu when he attacks Samukai to protect Kai.
”The Golden Weapon”
The Ninja unlock their Spinjitzu abilities (Jay being the first).
”King of Shadows”
Wu explains the Tornado of Creation to the Ninja.
Kai uses Fire Spinjitzu to free Nya.
Jay uses Lightning Spinjitzu to defeat several Skulkin while attacking the Skull Truck.
”Weapons of Destiny”
Wu uses Creation Spinjitzu to defeat several Skulkin when arriving at Garmadon’s throne room.
The Ninja’s Dragons use a Spinjitzu-like ability to cross over to the Underworld.
Mini Movies
”The New Masters of Spinjitzu”
Kruncha and Nuckal attempt to steal the Golden Weapons, only resulting in them losing control and activating Lightning and Fire Spinjitzu for a brief period of time.
”An Underworldly Takeover”
Garmadon’s Destruction Spinjitzu is seen for the first time when he fights Samukai for control of the Skulkin army.

Season 1
Each of the four Ninja are introduced with their Golden Weapon’s abilities and then their corresponding Spinjitzu.
Halfway through the season, the Ninja switched from their original suits to their ZX suits.
”Rise of the Snakes”
When the Fire Sword overheated, Kai tried to use Fire Spinjitzu to cool it down but failed.
When confronted by several Hypnobrai in Jamanakai Village, Kai tried to use Fire Spinjitzu to defeat them, but lost control and crashed into a wall.
After Zane froze Lloyd’s candy cart he used Ice Spinjitzu to hurry over to Lloyd.
While training, Kai practiced his Fire Spinjitzu but slipped when Zane froze the course.
While training, Zane used Ice Spinjitzu to freeze the training grounds.
Zane and Jay used Ice and Lightning Spinjitzu respectively to cut the support ropes of Lloyd’s Treehouse Fortress.
”Never Trust a Snake”
The Green Ninja’s Spinjitzu is seen briefly for the first time, in Zane’s dream.

Season 2
The Ninja are introduced in the same way as the second half of Season 2.
After the episode ”Child’s Play,” Lloyd was introduced using his elemental power, and then would use his Spinjitzu like the others.
This debuted the first close-up look at Lloyd’s Spinjitzu.
The Ninja no longer possessed their Golden Weapons, and therefore lacked elemental Spinjitzu. This affected their fighting advantage, and they logically used the martial art less.
”Return of the Overlord”
Nya does Spinjitzu for the first time while corrupted by Dark Matter. Its color is crimson red with some gold streaks.


Season 3
The Ninja once again had no active elements, and relied on their Spinjitzu less than ever. Despite this, the Techno Blades were effective against the Nindroids, making Spinjitzu somewhat useful.
”The Surge”
Lloyd’s Golden Power Spinjitzu is debuted upon battling the Nindroids for the first time.
Because Zane gave half of his power source to P.I.X.A.L., he was unable to use Spinjitzu on his own. Though, by working together, the two successfully performed the martial art, defending themselves against the other Nindroids.
”The Titanium Ninja”
The Golden Master, along with his Golden Mech, performed a large scale form of Golden Power Spinjitzu (possibly the largest and most powerful ever used). With it, he was able to pull objects of many sizes from around him into the vortex (presumably destroying them).

Season 4
The Ninja (other than Zane), Wu, Garmadon, and Nya all do Spinjitzu together at the end of the intro.
It reveals that Sensei Garmadon’s Spinjitzu (purified of Darkness) is a dull silver, and Nya’s Spinjitzu is a dark red.
This means that Garmadon no longer possessed an active element, as and Nya at some point learned Spinjitzu.
Despite having active elements, all the Ninja but Lloyd and Kai stopped using their Spinjitzu, as they no longer fought enemies, taking on full time jobs (Lloyd continued to train as a ninja, and Kai became a competitive fighter).
After entering the Tournament of Elements, the Ninja still refrained from performing Spinjitzu, except in dire situations when not competing. This may be because they considered using such a rare and powerful martial art to be an unfair advantage to the other competitors (outside of the Tournament, they use the ability to even the odds of an outmatched fight).
While training under Master Chen, Garmadon was forbidden to use Spinjitzu, though he used it to win a fight against Clouse that ended up granting him lordship.
When trying to flee from Chen and Skylor, Kai uses fire Spinjitzu to destroy the ice they were all standing on.

Season 5
After losing their elemental powers, the Ninja could no longer perform elemental Spinjitzu. This would be especially ineffective against ghosts, which can become intangible.
Since Morro was able to command and control strong gusts of Wind, and Spinjitzu is a tornado-based ability, it became useless in combat.
Because the art of Airjitzu involves extreme spinning in a vortex (and even turning the same color as the user’s element), it can be considered a branch from the original art of Spinjitzu.
It was also said that Airjitzu allows a ”Spinjitzu Master temporary flight,” so it’s possible that only Spinjitzu users can perform the technique.

Season 6
”Misfortune Rising”
While fighting Lloyd and Cole, Doubloon uses Spinjitzu against the two of them.
Known Users
First Spinjitzu Master
Lloyd Garmadon
The Overlord
Nuckal (only with the Golden Weapons)
Kruncha (only with the Golden Weapons)
P.I.X.A.L. (only with Zane)
Types of Spinjitzu
Tornado of Creation – used by the four Ninja
Creation – used by Wu
Earth – used by Cole
Lightning – used by Jay
Ice – used by Zane (and briefly P.I.X.A.L.)
Fire – used by Kai (and possibly Nya)
Energy – used by Lloyd Garmadon
Destruction – used by Garmadon (formerly)
Silver Spinjitzu – used by Misako and Garmadon
Golden Power – used by Lloyd Garmadon, First Spinjitzu Master, and the Golden Master
Serpent Spin – used by most serpentine (only in comics and sets)
Gold Spinjitzu – used by Doubloon
Malestrum-a power similar to Spinjitzu that the Skulkin wield physically through the act of roughly spinning in a sloppy fashion. (used in comics, sets, and LEGO Universe)
LEGO Universe Only (non-canon)
Imagination – used by Neido

Each of Ninjago’s Dragons are able to perform something similar to Spinjitzu when they cross over to the Underworld.
Although the element of a user’s Spinjitzu is always based on their natural elemental affinity, the color of the resulting tornado appears to be influenced by the color of their outfit. For instance, Zane’s Spinjitzu generated a pink tornado in “Can of Worms,” after his white gi was turned pink after being washed with Kai’s red gi. This leads to the conclusion that both attire and element contribute to the Spinjtizu’s color (or possibly that it defaults to the elemental color, and only if the user’s attire is entirely one color does it change).
It is possibly that when a user is dressed completely in one color, the elemental color and attire’s color combine (Zane’s white element and pink gi would create the pink spinjitzu, and the other ninja have all justified the possibility throughout their uniform changes).
In “Return of the Overlord,” a Dark Matter-infected Nya uses what appears to be a crimson Spinjitzu tornado when she first attacks the Ninja.
Its appearance resembles a tornado.
Spinjitzu used by someone without an elemental affinity (such as Misako) will be silver.
Though not necessarily confirmed, it’s presumable that Morro knows Spinjitzu, having trained to become the Green Ninja under Wu’s lessons, and was able to perform Airjitzu.

Airjitzu (Martial Art)

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Morro using Airjitzu
Airjitzu (or Cyclon-Do, as it is referred by Jay) is a martial arts technique that was created by Sensei Yang. It involves the user tapping into their innate elemental energies while spinning rapidly, creating a tornado-like vortex of energy around themselves which also allows them to levitate over land.
It is similar to Spinjitzu, but the exact relation between the two martial arts is unclear.
Airjitzu grants the user the ability to fly in a small vortex of a specific element and color around themselves for a limited amount of time.

Notable Uses
Kingdom Come
The four ninja used Airjitzu to ascend the tallest tower in Cloud Kingdom to retrieve the Sword of Sanctuary. Morro then used Airjitzu to escape from the Ninja who also used Airjitzu to pursue.

Later after Kai secured the Sword of Sanctuary, he used Airjitzu to reach the Destiny’s Bounty 2.0.

My Dinner With Nadakhan
Briefly, Nya uses airjitzu to escape the monsters.

The Way Back
After Jay made his final wish for the Teapot of Tyrahn to have never be found, the six Ninja uses airjitzu at the end.

Airjitzu Users
Wrayth (not in the show)
Sensei Yang
Types of Airjitzu
Fire — used by Kai
Lightning — used by Jay
Ice — used by Zane
Earth — used by Cole
Energy — used by Lloyd
Water — used by Nya
Wind – used by Morro
Unknown Green Airjitzu — used by Wrayth
Unknown Element — used by Sensei Yang

All of the Ninjas’ Airjitzu appear to be blue whereas Morro appears to have a green Airjitzu.
In ”Curse World – Part II,” it is shown that the Airjitzu of the Ninja turned to their element’s colors. This indicates that someone with an active elemental power will have an Airjitzu technique the same color as their element, as the Ninja were without their powers in previous episodes.
In ”Curse World – Part I,” Lloyd used his Airjitzu for the first time. It was still green because he had experienced Morro use Airjitzu with his body.
Wrayth never uses Airjitzu in the TV series despite him having a LEGO flyer.
in My Dinner With Nadakhan, Nya learn Airjitzu for the first time
Because Sensei Yang’s Airjitzu is always depicted as grey/silver, it can be assumed that, just like Spinjitzu, a colorless vortex indicates a lack of element.
Though, the grey color may instead indicate an active element that corresponds with it.

Techno Blades

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Techno Blades
Pic31FA79481EB042A0C224204095FE691F (1)
Element Earth
Status Unknown
The Techno Blades are weapons seen in the third season of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. The Ninja obtained them at Borg Tower when they first met Cyrus Borg, along with their Techno suits. They can ”hack into systems” and transform ordinary machinery into vehicles.
When dormant, the Techno Blades lack their distinctive heads and much of their power, being too dull to effectively cut most objects. However, their true power is revealed when in the proximity of a hackable machine; the Blades grow in size, and their blades become sharper and begin glowing. It is then that the Techno Blades truly work as weapons and hacking devices.

The Techno Blades first appeared in ”The Surge,” concealed in a statue that Cyrus Borg gave to the Ninja when they visited Borg Tower. When the statue was broken, the Ninja were able to grab the Techno Blades, don their new suits, and use them to escape a mysterious enemy controlling the tower’s security system against them.

Kai’s Techno Blade is red and resembles a large sword. He used it to transform a jet into his Kai Fighter.
Cole’s Techno Blade is green and resembles a flail. He used it to transform a Security Mech into his Earth Mech.
Zane’s Techno Blade is blue and resembles a staff. He used it to transform a bladecopter into his Ninja Copter.
Jay’s Techno Blade is yellow and resembles a chainsaw blade. He used it to transform a Nindroid Tank into his Lightning Offroader.

70720 Hover Hunter (Green)
70721 Kai Fighter (Red)
70723 Thunder Raider (Yellow)
70724 NinjaCopter (Blue)
70726 Destructoid (Blue)
70727 X-1 Ninja Charger (Red)
70728 Battle for Ninjago City (Blue and Yellow)

In the Ninjago: Rebooted Trailer, it seems as if the Ninja got new vehicles by hacking into the systems of ordinary civilian machinery and transforming them into vehicles.
The LEGO versions of Kai’s Techno Blade and Elemental Blade have identical hilts.
Lloyd is the only Ninja who doesn’t have a Techno Blade.
The Techno Blades disappear from the series after ”Enter the Digiverse,” possibly because they fulfilled their purpose in ”defeating” the Digital Overlord.
Sinestro from LEGO: DC Comics has a techno blade similar to Zane’s in his minifigure form.

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