5 to heaven gruppen som röstskådespelare och sångare, spelar karaktär som manliga älvornas! Dom har skrivit deras låt som stal mitt hjärta för evigt till dom eftersom förstår lite grann japanskts språk men att känna helt och hållet känslor fullt av kärlek , vrede, avund, degeneracy , lust… Op song Get to heart, Ed song Yousei Aika,  Make you Crazy, Fairy Night Fairy heart!

Det känns som som att: kärleken som gör att positivt kraftsköld att skydda från ondskefullts negativa. Det värme av ren sann kärlek från iskalla fängslar med kedjor för att bryta fri fred hjälp av nyckel av kärlek -din kyss!


Ranmaru Ai  ( Shougo Sakata )

If all flowers are doomed to die some day

l at lest want to bloom for you now

That which will open up my heart

Is the key of love- your kiss

The door flies open, overflowing with light

Becoming wings that will light my way

Ran, ran, rararan

Love makes it possible

Let these wings carry me to heaven

Ran, ran, rararan

Love makes it possible

Blossom in glory… even in hell


Homura Hoterase ( Kousuke Tanabe)

Love is single- minded

Storm cloud loom over this transient world

A single flower trembles in the wind

Bound to a mission, swayed by emotion

In solitude, l devote myself to a love affair

On a night beneath the moonlight

Let our blazing flowers bloom!

When a women cries her tears

A man sets them aflame; lt´s fate

Risking my life for another

How could l never feel regret?

When l see you cry your tears

l have to take action to set wrongs right

A one man show by a foolish actor

l´ll burn my life out for you


Uruu Seiren ( Yutaka Balletta )

Mocked by some petty bastrad

You race across the rain-stained asphalt

Dashing through, shouting the pointlessness

Of this transient worlds trivialities

You stumble over a rock on the side of the road

Thinking bad luck means the world is out to get you

l show you pity and you look up at me

With such wide tear-stained eyes

The rain causes such misfortune

And yet undaunted, people still fall in love

For the mysteries of the occasional clamours of the heart

ln this transient world, rain is about to fall


Juka Mutsuoka ( Taichi Kusano )

” Underestimate met you peril, ” l think

As l clench my fists in my pockets

Better not use that word, ”soft”…

Not about me!

Try to look beneath the surface

l mean it ( l mean it!)

Deep down lim the kind of man

You wouldn´t want to cross

Dancing the dance of pathos

As our feelings fail to make contact again

lt´s not about being nice

lt´s just not not in my nature toilet this go

Dance the tango!

Spin the tango!

With all the sorrow l fee

Dance the tango!

Spin the tango!

Blow the wind!

Untilall tears are dried”


Takara Utashiro (Akihro Hori)

Spend my own money?

Don’t be stupid girl

Have you forgotten how

This fallen world works?

Those who eat will eat all they can

And you can´t let yourself get eaten

Money is what makes the world go round

Now make that profit-loss calculation

Ah, without mercy or sentiment

Too much back- and- forth

And you” ll get lost again, poor child

You donat need to make payment on this favor

Think of what´s happening

As just like a dream

And your tears are the one thing

l won´t put on your tab

( kanske kommer mer snart)



Fortsätt skriv ni flera låtar så kommer jag alltid lyssnar från mitt hjärta till er

kram er största fans Xing-Jin Sparkle…!