List of Case Closed volumes (61–80)

Case Closed, known as Meitantei Conan (名探偵コナン, lit. Great Detective Conan, officially translated as Detective Conan) in Japan, is written by Gosho Aoyama and serialized in Shogakukan’s Weekly Shōnen Sunday. The series began its serialization on January 19, 1994.
Since Case Closeds premiere, over 800 chapters have been released in Japan, making it the 21st longest running manga series. Several adaptations based on Case Closed have been made, including an anime series and animated films. A database consisting of all the cases from the manga was launched in 2007. Viz Media announced its licensing of the series on June 1, 2004, and following Funimation Entertainment’s English localization, released the series under the name Case Closed with renamed characters. The series follows high school detective Jimmy Kudo who was transformed into a child after being forced to swallow a poison.

The cover of Case Closed volume 71 released in Japan by Shogakukan on February 18, 2011

Tankōbon volume 61 to 80 encapsulates all the chapters 631 to 850.

No. Title Original release date English release date
61 Shoes to Die For April 3, 2008
January 10, 2017
  1. ”The Purple Nails” (紫紅の爪, ”Pāpuru Neiru”)
  2. ”Teleportation” ( teleport , ”Shunkan Idō” )
  3. ”The Three Taboos” (3つのタブー, ”Mittsu no Tabū”)
  4. ”Zero” (”Zero”)
  5. ”Burn” ( Burning , ”Moeru” )
  6. ”Tinder” (火種, ”Hidane”)
  7. ”Crackle” (バチバチ, ”Bachibachi”)
  8. ”Paper Airplane” ( paper flying machine , ”Kami Hikōki” )
  9. ”Message” ( Message , ”Messēji” )
  10. ”Rescue” ( Rescue , ”Resukyū” )
  11. ”Destruction” (隠滅, ”Inmetsu”)
Serena’s uncle Jirokichi challenges the Kaito Kid to steal a pair of jeweled shoes called the Purple Nails in the center of a city intersection. When Kid arrives, nets cover the intersection seemingly trapping him, but Kid proclaims that he can teleport, and he soon disappears and reappears on a roof top. Since one of the shoes was a fake, he and Jirokichi arrange another challenge. Conan Edogawatries to determine how Kid is able to move so quickly. The Junior Detective League and Dr. Agasa are on a road trip when their car runs out of gas. An arrogant driver of a luxury car on the way to the top of a hill refuses to help them, but then the driver is killed from a car explosion. His fiancee believes it was because he had lit up a cigarette in a gasoline-filled garage, but Conan suspects foul play. In another case, Conan and Subaru Okiya, a grad student who is living at Jimmy’s place, try to deduce what is going on with a bunch of paper airplanes with peculiar markings that have appeared around town. They find it is a code by someone who had been abducted, and, with Rachel’s help, scramble to find the person as the kidnapper had apparently committed suicide. The brother of Cafe Poirot’s waitress Azusa becomes a suspect in a murder case, but Azusa reacts strangely to the news and then runs off in response to a package she received.
62 The Kudo Identity August 11, 2008
April 11, 2017
  1. ”False Friendship” ( False Friendship , ”Itsuwari no Yūjō” )
  2. ”The Wings Of Icarus” ( Wings of Icarus , ”Ikarosu No Tsubasa” )
  3. ”Counterattack” ( Return technique , ”Kaeshi Waza” )
  4. ”Lucky Chance” ( injuries of great achievement , ”Kega No Komyo” )
  5. ”Village of Hatred” (憎悪の村, ”Zōo no Mura”)
  6. ”Lost Memory” ( lost memory , ”Ushinawareta Kioku” )
  7. ”Jimmy Kudo’s Murder” ( Murder of Shinichi Kudo , ”Kudō Shinichi no Satsujin” )
  8. ”The Shiragami” ( Death Ragami , ”Shiragami-sama” )
  9. ”Endless Tears” ( Unstoppable tears , ”Tomaranu Namida” )
  10. ”True Identity” (正体, ”Shōtai”)
  11. ”What I Really Want To Ask” ( things you want to hear the truth , ”Honto Ni Kikitai Koto” )
Conan helps Meguire, Richard and the detectives identify the real killer behind the murder of Azusa’s brother’s boss. Yuko Arisawa, a former judo champion, asks Eva Kaden to help find who has been stalking her husband, but when they return to her home, they find the husband has been murdered. Eva suspects Yuko did it but she has an alibi of being with the group at a restaurant. Rachel calls Richard to get involved. Later, a letter addressed to Jimmy requests his presence at a distant village. Conan follows the directions in the letter but is trapped in a cabin. Realizing he took the prototype antidote to APTX 4869, he escapes through the window and falls into a river. Jimmy is later found but he has amnesia and then he becomes the prime suspect in an attempted murder. Harley Hartwell tries to uncover the truth behind the amnesiac. Later, Harley and Jimmy investigate a man who was strangled while driving on the highway.
63 Conan Dreams of Sushi November 7, 2008
July 11, 2017
  1. ”My Deduction” ( My reasoning , ”Ore no Suiri” )
  2. ”The Deduction Answered” ( reasoning of the answer , ”Suiri No Kotae” )
  3. ”The Revolving Weapon” (回る凶器, ”Mawaru Kyōki”)
  4. ”Target” (狙い撃ち, ”Nerai Uchi”)
  5. ”The Whereabouts of the Poison” (毒物のありか, ”Dokubutsu no Arika”)
  6. ”Boar, Deer, Butterfly” (猪・鹿・蝶, ”Ino Shika Chō”)
  7. ”801, Bamboo Flute, Item” ( 8001 , shakuhachi and one item , ”Happyaku-ichi to Shakuhachi to Ippin” )
  8. ”The Purpose Of The Tournament” ( purpose of the Championship , ”Senshuken No Mokuteki” )
  9. ”The Silver Witch” (银白魔女, ”Ginpaku no Majo” )
  10. ”White Car” (白のFD, ”Shiro no Efu Dī”)
  11. ”The Witch’s Identity” (魔女の正体, ”Majo no Shōtai”)
Jimmy and Harley identify three suspects related to the man who was strangled while driving on the highway. Afterwards, Jimmy tries to excuse himself as he transforms back to Conan but Rachel will not let go of his hand. Agasa and the Junior Detectives are at a revolving sushi bar restaurant when an irritating food critic is poisoned with cyanide. Several guests and staff are suspect, but it is not clear how only one plate was poisoned and there was no poison on the suspects. Later, George’s father participates in a competition for people who share his family name in order to win a rare hanafuda print, but when the host of the competition is murdered and three men, including George’s father, become the suspects. Conan tricks the culprit into confessing allowing the police to identify the murderer. A ghost racer, dubbed the Silver Witch, is rumored to be causing accidents on a foggy mountain. Richard, with Rachel and Conan riding, races against the witch, but the car’s tail lights seem to imply she can drive over a cliffside into the air. Conan narrows the suspect list to three pairs of drivers, and deduces who could have used the fog to create a mirage of driving in the air. The culprits attempt to escape the authorities but is caught by Miwako Sato who is revealed to be the original Silver Witch.
64 Old Scars April 2, 2009
October 10, 2017
  1. ”Horn Rock” (一角岩, ”Ikkaku Iwa” )
  2. ”Mackerel, Carp, Sea Bream, Flounder” ( mackerel, carp, Thailand, flounder , ”Saba Koi Tai Hirame” )
  3. ”A Bad Feeling” (殺気, ”Sakki”)
  4. ”Scar” (, ”Kizu”)
  5. ”The Boy In The Memory” ( memories of the boy , ”Omoide No Shonen” )
  6. ”Gari” (ガリ君, ”Gari-kun”)
  7. ”The Whistling Man” ( man of the whistle , ”Kuchibue No Otoko” )
  8. ”Connection” ( connection , ”Tsunagari” )
  9. ”ESWN”
  10. ”A Stereotypical Scene” ( Common pattern , ”Yoku Aru Patān” )
  11. ”Iron Tanuki” ( Iron raccoon dog , ”Tetsu Tanuki” )
The Junior Detectives and Subaru Okiya visit an isolated island called Horn Rock reputed to be off limits where they discover the body of a stranded diver with a list of fish etched into a rock nearby. Conan determines which of the diver’s colleagues is the suspect. A rich blind woman hires Richard to help her find a boy who had saved her many years ago, but had received a scar on his torso in return. With her offering a large cash reward, Richard has to determine which of two candidates is the boy. They discover that Superintendent McLaughlin is secretly surveying the manor to determine if the scarred man could be a serial killer who had scarred McLaughlin’s face 15 years ago. Although Conan determines who the boy is, the trail goes cold for McLaughlin’s attacker, until a psychologist publicly challenges the serial killer to come to his place before the statute of limitations expires. The psychologist is murdered at his computer with the large letter Z slashed on his back. Conan and Takagi determine how the victims were related and who the killer is. Jirokichi receives a note allegedly from the Kaito Kid declaring he will opening his impenetrable safe, the Iron Tanuki, but the note is not in the Kaito Kid’s writing style. While demonstrating his security to Richard, he then receives a note by the real Kaito Kid that he will open the safe.
65 The Red Wall August 18, 2009
January 9, 2018
  1. ”Infiltrated” (潜伏, ”Senpuku”)
  2. ”Unlocked” (解錠, ”Kaijō”)
  3. ”A Twist of Fate” (運命の人, ”Unmei no Hito”)
  4. ”Trap” (, ”Wana”)
  5. ”A Fluttering Heart” ( swaying heart , ”Yureru Kokoro” )
  6. ”The Dangerous Duo” ( Dangerous Two , ”Kiken na Futarizure” )
  7. ”Half Dead” (半殺し, ”Hangoroshi”)
  8. ”Red Wall” (赤い壁, ”Akai Kabe”)
  9. ”In One’s Grasp” (掌中, ”Shōchū”)
  10. ”A Dead Kong Ming” ( Dead Komei , ”Shiseru Komei” )
  11. ”A Living Zhongda” ( Running a living friend , ”Ikeru Chūdatsu o Hashirasu” )
Conan deduces how the Kaito Kid snuck into the household to crack the safe. The Junior Detectives are at a bank when a robbery and hostage situation occurs with one of the captives being Jodie Starling. Conan deduces what the real intent is for the robbery. Later, Dr. Agasa and Anita get a ride into town but suspect their drivers could be criminals looking to kill Richard and Conan. It turns out the drivers are Nagano police detectives Kansuke Yamato and Yui Uehara and they need Richard to help investigate a murder where the victim had spray painted a wall red before his death. They suspect the victim’s former housemates, who have colors in their names. Things get complicated when one of the housemates is killed in a similar fashion, and the original manor is burned to the ground while precinct inspector Takaaki Morofushi is investigating.
66 Cherry Blossom Confidential November 18, 2009
April 10, 2018
  1. ”Perfect Bait” ( Excellent Bait , ”Zetsumyō Kōji” )
  2. ”Memories” (思い出, ”Omoide”)
  3. ”Falling Cherry Blossoms” (サクラチル, ”Sakura Chiru”)
  4. ”Blooming Cherry Blossoms” ( Sakurasaku , ”Sakura Saku” )
  5. ”The Monster House” ( Mononoke Kura , ”Mononoke Kura” )
  6. ”Conan vs. the Junior Detective League” (コナンvs探偵団, ”Konan Bāsasu Tantei-dan”)
  7. ”The Secret of the Storehouse” (倉の秘密, ”Kura no Himitsu”)
  8. ”Operation Charm Retrieval!” ( Amulet recapture strategy , ”Omamori Dakkan Sakusen” )
  9. ”A Great Game” ( the best of the game , ”Saiko No Shiai” )
  10. ”Mean” (意地悪, ”Ijiwaru”)
  11. ”Goth Lolita” (ゴスロリ, ”Gosu Rori”)
Conan and the Nagano officers bait and capture the red wall murderer. Santos, who had a crush on Sato because she resembled a kind girl from her childhood, goes to the movies and runs into the Junior Detectives. He meets a woman that could be the childhood girl, but when the woman asks him to check up on her boyfriend at her home due to a stalker, they discover the man has been murdered. The Junior Detectives investigate a warehouse that appears to house a treasure if viewed from a top window, but when opening the front doors it is empty. Harley and Kazuha travel to Tokyo to search for a university student whom Harley gave Kazuha’s good luck charm to. Kazuha wants to retrieve the charm before Harley can check that it contains a photo of him. They find the student had been assaulted in a sports bar. Later, Richard and Conan go along with Rachel and Serena for shopping. At a restaurant, they see a woman dressed up in a gothic lolita fashion. The same woman is later found dead in a restroom stall.
67 Fashion Emergency February 18, 2010
July 10, 2018
  1. ”The Fashion Curse” ( curse of fashion!? , ”Noroi No Fasshon !?” )
  2. ”Something Fragile And Unsure” ( brittle those uncertain , ”Futashika De Moroimono” )
  3. ”There’s Still Tomorrow” ( There’s tomorrow , ”Ashita ga Aru sa” )
  4. ”A Dangerous Area” ( dangerous area , ”Kiken Na Eria” )
  5. ”The Clues of Red and 13” (赤と13の暗示, ”Aka to Jū-san no Anji”)
  6. ”The Bomber’s Aim” ( Aim of the Bomb Criminal , ”Bakudan-han no Nerai” )
  7. ”The Truth in the Blizzard” ( The Truth in the Snowstorm , ”Fubuki no Naka no Shinjitsu” )
  8. ”A Silent Battle” ( quiet battle , ”Shizuka Naru Tatakai” )
  9. ”Ms. Kobayashi’s Love” (Mr. Kobayashi’s love , ”Kobayashi-sensei no Koi” )
  10. ”Ms. Kobayashi’s Misunderstanding” (Mr. Kobayashi’s misunderstanding , ”Kobayashi-sensei no Gokai” )
  11. ”Cherry Blossom Girl” (What about the cherry blossom girl ? , ”Sakura no Shōjo wa?” )
Conan solves the mystery of how a gothic lolita girl was murdered in a restroom far from the restaurant where she and her friend were to meet. The Junior Detectives meet an elderly man who seems to have a lot on his schedule, but is actually planning on committing suicide. Richard is hired to investigate the sender of a set of red shirts at the mall. They encounter a man who is wearing explosives and that they have to solve the mystery of the red shirts or the entire floor will be destroyed. After hearing rumors that Shuichi Akai might have survived, the Black Organization wait outside the mall to snipe him (and kill Kir for failing to kill him before). Ms. Kobayashi witnesses a murder of a pawn shop owner and is questioned by Tokyo Metropolitan Police. While there, she overhears that Santos only likes her because she looks like Sato. She denies the story of how they met as kids.
68 The Kirin’s Horn May 18, 2010
October 9, 2018
  1. ”Blooming Cherry Blossoms” (桜, 満開, ”Sakura, Mankai”)
  2. ”The Misfortunes of Eva Kaden” (妃mileの風個, ”Kisaki Eri no Sainan” )
  3. ”High Hopes and Disappointments” ( Drop it up ? , ”Otoshite Ageru?” )
  4. ”The Best Birthday” ( the best birthday , ”Saiko No Tanjobi” )
  5. ”Azure Dragon” (青龍, ”Seiryū”)
  6. ”Vermilion Bird” (朱雀, ”Suzaku”)
  7. ”White Tiger” (白虎, ”Byakko”)
  8. ”Black Tortoise” (玄武, ”Genbu”)
  9. ”Tori-No-Ichi Fair” ( Cock Fair , ”Tori No Ichi” )
  10. ”The Clues of Monkey and Nine” (猿と9, ”Saru to Kyū”)
  11. ”Naive and Innocent” ( innocent , ”Tenshinranman” )
The murderer of the pawn shop owner hopes to silence Ms. Kobayashi at her school, but is caught by police when it is revealed Sato was disguised as her. When Santos recites verbiage from the self-defense article, Ms. Kobayashi is reminded of their childhood meeting; they reconcile and start dating. Rachel tries to reunite her parents on a hotel vacation because she thinks Richard has bought Eva a birthday present. Eva agrees to attend because she can meet her client at the hotel who is dealing with a legal settlement. However, after dinner, the client is found dead under her hotel bed. Conan drops hints for Richard to allow him to solve the case. Jirokichi tries to stop Kaito Kid into stealing a jewel called the Kirin’s Horn by hiring Conan and the Junior Detective League to protect it inside a temple room. But when the horn is stolen and Conan is knocked out, the Junior Detectives must find out which of the people present has disguised themselves as the Kid. At a Tori no ichi festival, Serena becomes the victim of a serial purse thief disguised in a hyottoko mask while Rachel restrains herself as she had received a fortune that says that the guy that likes her prefers ladylike girls who don’t fight. The next week, when the purse thief has apparently stabbed a guy who communicates the words ”monkey” and the number ”nine” before losing consciousness, Conan and the girls puzzle over three possible suspects.
69 The Shape of Murder August 18, 2010
January 8, 2019
  1. ”The Client from the Deep” ( Request from the bottom of the swamp , ”Numazoko kara no Irai” )
  2. ”The Curse Of The Kappa” ( kappa of curse , ”Kappa No Noroi” )
  3. ”The Identity Of The Kappa” ( the identity of the kappa , ”Kappa No Shotai” )
  4. ”Murder in the Steam” ( Murder of Yukemuri , ”Yukemuri no Satsujin” )
  5. ”A Locked Room on a Lake” (湖上の密室, ”Kojō no Misshitsu”)
  6. ”An Eye for an Eye” (目には目を, ”Me ni wa Me o”)
  7. ”The White Day Murder” ( White Day of murder , ”Howaito De No Satsujin” )
  8. ”A Miraculous Trick” ( Miracle tricks , ”Mirakuru Na Torikku” )
  9. ”Happy White Day” ( Happy White Day , ”Happii Howaito Dē” )
  10. ”Air on the G String” (G線上のアリア, ”Jī Senjō no Aria”)
  11. ”Genius” (天才, ”Tensai”)
Richard receives a request to solve the drowning of a boy eleven years prior at an inn. During their stay, the boy’s father is later found dead there, having drowned in a small basin of swamp water. Rachel thinks she saw a Kappa creature near the river earlier. Agasa takes the Junior Detectives to a resort known for their lakefront hot springs so he can fix one of the inventions he sold the owner; they meet some actors that are starring in a hitman drama film. However, the screenwriter is found dead in the locked hot springs bath area. Later, Richard stars in a commercial for White Day chocolates and is invited to the company party. There, the company president is murdered, but his wife seems to have an alibi by doing palm reading with Rachel. The Junior Detectives are stranded on a mountain road after Agasa’s car breaks down. They take shelter from the rain in a house where they discover a mysterious piano player and a diary in which it is written plans to kidnap and murder a boy.
70 You’re History November 18, 2010
April 9, 2019
  1. ”The Secret of the Diary” (日記の秘密, ”Nikki no Himitsu”)
  2. ”Ryōma” (龍馬, ”Ryōma”)
  3. ”Breakthrough” (突破, ”Toppa”)
  4. ”The Cleaning” (洗濯, ”Sentaku”)
  5. ”Demon Dog” (魔犬, ”Maken”)
  6. ”Vengeful Spirit” (怨霊, ”Onryō”)
  7. ”The Inubushi Family” (犬伏家, ”Inubushi-ke”)
  8. ”Sphere” (, ”Tama”)
  9. ”Footprints” (足跡, ”Ashiato”)
  10. ”Princess” (, ”Hime”)
  11. ”The Eight Virtues” (仁义八行, ”Jingi Hakkō” )
The Junior Detectives find the missing boy and reconstruct the diary pages revealing the kidnapping motive and what happened to the kidnapper. The Kaito Kid sends a notice announcing he will return three possessions of Sakamoto Ryōma that were stolen by a Phantom Thief Lady before, at Jirokichi’s museum where they will show Ryoma’s gun belt. Although Jirokichi’s exhibitor does not seem to be worried about that the gun belt being stolen, Jirokichi prepares security anyway. When Kid does return the items, he reveals a larger conspiracy by the exhibitor and his appraiser to sell forged items. Harley and Kazuha visit Conan and Rachel in order to investigate the love children heirs of the Inubushi conglomerate, two of whom have mysteriously died after having seen a glowing spectral hound (like in Sherlock Holmes’ Hound of the Baskervilles). They visit an heir who happens to be named Shinichi Kudo, but Shinichi is apparently murdered in a room taped up with duct tape. At the Inubushi estate, they discover another heir has fallen off a cliff; Rachel and Kazuha are chased by the spectral hound, and the hound goes after another heir. Conan and Harley eventually deduce which of the heirs is responsible for the murders.
71 The Game Is Afoot February 18, 2011
July 9, 2019
  1. ”Video Memory” ( VHS of Memories , ”Omoide no Bui Eichi Esu” )
  2. ”The 13-Year-Old Message” ( Thoughts over 13 years , ”Jū-san’nen Goshi no Messēji” )
  3. ”Holmes’s Disciple” ( Detective disciple , ”Hōmuzu no Deshi” )
  4. ”Revelation” (黙示録, ”Mokushiroku”)
  5. ”Love Means Zero” (ラブは0, ”Rabu wa Zero”)
  6. ”Ask Holmes” ( Listen to Holmes , ”Homuzu Ni Kike” )
  7. ”Holmes’S Code” ( Holmes of encryption , ”Homuzu No Ango” )
  8. ”Another A” (もう1つのA, ”Mō Hitotsu no Ē”)
  9. ”A Message From The Queen” ( message from the Queen , ”Joo Kara No Messeji” )
  10. ”The Real Target” (真の標的, ”Shin no Tāgetto”)
  11. ”The Strength of a Queen” (女王の真価, ”Joō no Shinka”)
Ms. Kobayashi asks the Junior Detectives to find an old crime prevention video. They are joined by Detective Chiba, who is looking for a message left on a video by former classmate Naeko Miike that he liked prior to going to their class reunion. Richard receives an offer from a rich English woman to travel to London to share his detective stories with her husband and friends. Conan joins them by boarding the airplane with Agasa and taking a temporary antidote to be Jimmy. At the Sherlock Holmes Museum, Apollo Glass, younger brother of tennis star player Minerva Glass, gives Conan a riddle he received from a strange man whom proclaims the riddle is an advance notice to a murder. Conan, Agasa, Richard and Rachel try to solve the clues, but when Conan as Jimmy’s voice reveals to Rachel that he is also in London, he is forced to take the antidote to hide his identity. They piece together the clues on the message that direct them to locations all over London and that the killer is a serial bomber who plans to kill Minerva’s mother at the Wimbledon finals.
72 In the Cards June 17, 2011
October 8, 2019
  1. ”A Troublesome and Difficult Case” (厄介な難事件, ”Yakkai na Nanjiken”)
  2. ”A the Person in Need of Rescue” ( to rescuers , ”Yōkyūjosha” )
  3. ”A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-seek” ( Dangerous Hide-and- Seek , ”Kiken na Kakurenbo” )
  4. ”Communications Code” (通話コード, ”Fūwa Kōdo”)
  5. ”A Terrible Death” ( dangerous death-like , ”Yabai Shi Ni Zama” )
  6. ”Moving Corpse” (動く死体, ”Ugoku Shitai”)
  7. ”Fake Feet” (偽りの足, ”Itsuwari no Ashi”)
  8. ”The Boy Who Cried Wolf” ( Wolf Boy , ”Ōkami Shōnen” )
  9. ”The Horsehair Crab From Lake Suwa” ( Lake Suwa of the crab , ”Suwa-Ko No Kegani” )
  10. ”The Truth Of The Karuta Cards” ( Carta of truth , ”Karuta No Shinjitsu” )
  11. ”The Guardian of Time” (時の番人, ”Toki no Ban’nin”)
Conan is able to locate Hades in the crowd and apprehends him before the bomb is detonated. He receives another antidote to the APTX 4869 from his parents and is able to return to Japan. The Detective Boys play in an abandoned warehouse when a small earthquake occurs. They hear an unknown person in the warehouse banging the code 252 on the walls, indicating they need help. Originally deducing someone got trapped by the earthquake, they discover that two kidnappers posing as construction workers. With the assistance of Okiya Subaru, they are able to apprehend the kidnappers and reveal the kidanappe to be Agasa. Later, a kid who is known to be an obsessive liar tells the Detective Boys his home has been invaded but is taken away by his parents. They decide to investigate to see if the boy is telling the truth. After concluding the boy is telling the truth, the invaders, who were posing as the boy’s parents, corner the Detective Boys. Conan, having deduced the boy was telling the truth, had called the police to apprehend the criminals. A wealthy woman hires Kogoro to investigate threatening letters she received. While celebrating her midnight birthday, a black out occurs and Kogoro’s employer is found dead.
73 Out of Time September 16, 2011
January 20, 2020
  1. ”The Phantom of Time” (時の亡霊, ”Toki no Bōrei”)
  2. ”The Tyrant of Time” (時の支配者, ”Toki no Shihaisha”)
  3. ”Ramen To Die For” ( die as delicious ramen , ”Shinu Hodo Umai Ramen” )
  4. ”Ramen and Poison” ( Ramen and poison , ”Rāmen to Dokuyaku” )
  5. ”The Truth Behind The Glasses” ( glasses over of the truth , ”Megane Goshi No Shinjitsu” )
  6. ”Jeet Kune the Do” ( Jeet Kune Do , ”jī Kun dō” )
  7. ”A Detective Like You, Kid” ( Same detective as Bowya , ”Bōya to Onaji Tantei” )
  8. ”Sera’S Careless Deduction” ( carelessly reasoning of Sera , ”Sera No Ukatsu Na Suiri” )
  9. ”Let’s Hear Your Deduction!” ( Tell me your deduction ! , ”Meisuiri o Kikasero!” )
  10. ”Nickname Rules” ( law of the nickname , ”Adana No Hosoku” )
  11. ”Ready, Aim, Fire!” (狙撃可能!, ”Sogeki Kanō!”)
A woman is stabbed at her birthday party at her estate, and the suspect apparently escaped out the balcony, but with it raining outside, there are no footprints. Rachel thinks it could be the ghost of the woman’s clock tower mechanic who died four years prior. Later, Richard and Conan go to a ramen shop in a district where a real estate businessman wants to run the shop out of business so that the district can be renovated. However, the businessman dies while eating a ramen bowl, so Richard and Conan must determine who poisoned him and how. Rachel, Serena and Conan are on the way to a hotel for a pastry buffet when someone gropes Serena on the bus. Rachel fights the suspected assailant but the person is skilled at jeet kune do and the person actually points out the real assailant. At the hotel, a man seemingly commits suicide by falling off a building rooftop. The person from the bus tries to solve the mystery, using an elaborate scheme involving wires, a wheelchair, and the elevator, but needs Jimmy Kudo’s help. The person is later revealed to be Rachel’s new classmate, a girl named Masumi Sera. Three women enter Richard’s office, followed by a man who then holds everyone at gunpoint (and then with an body explosives unless Richard can solve the mystery of which of the women murdered his sister. The clue to the murderer is from his sister’s final blog, detailing her visit from an elephant, rat, and fox, nicknames of the women. Conan tries to remotely help as Jimmy over the phone.
74 An Eye for an Eye December 14, 2011
April 14, 2020
  1. ”The Book With The Unturned Pages” ( this is not turning over the page , ”Peji O Mekurenai Hon” )
  2. ”Video Site” ( Video Site , ”Dōga Saito” )
  3. ”The Vase and the Cat” (壺と猫, ”Tsubo to Neko”)
  4. ”Ayumi’S Trail” ( traces of Ayumi , ”Ayumi No Konseki” )
  5. ”Which One Is the Greatest Detective?” ( Which is the detective ? , ”Dotchi ga Meitantei nanda?” )
  6. ”Abe-chan” ( Abe-chan )
  7. ”Magical Dish” (魔法の料理, ”Mahō no Ryōri”)
  8. ”EYE”
  9. ”Baumkuchen” ( Baumkuchen , ”Bamukuhen” )
  10. ”Diamond Shapes” ( Rhombus and Rhombus , ”Hishigata to Hishigata” )
  11. ”On-The-Spot Investigation: the Vow” ( Oath Live View , ”Chikai no Jikkyō Kenbun” )
75 More Moores April 14, 2012
July 14, 2020
  1. ”The Mistress’Confession” ( wife’s confession , ”Oku-sama no Kokuhakubun” )
  2. ”The Optical Illusion Between Parent and Child” (親子の間の錯視, ”Oyako no Aida no Sakushi”)
  3. ”Kogorou-San Is A Good Man” ( Mr. Kogoro is a good person , ”Kogoro-San Wa Ii Hito” )
  4. ”The Real Sleeping Kogorou” ( of real sleep Kogoro , ”Honmono No Nemuri No Kogoro” )
  5. ”The Imposter Kogorou’S Great Deduction” ( name reasoning of false Kogoro , ”Nise Kogoro No Meisuiri” )
  6. ”The Object of Detective Chiba’s First Love” ( Detective Chiba’s first love , ”Chiba Keiji no Hatsukoi no Hito” )
  7. ”Do You Not Remember?” ( Do n’t you remember ? , ”Oboetemasen ka?” )
  8. ”Could You Possibly Be …” ( Maybe you … , ”Kimitte Moshikashite …” )
  9. ”Private Eye” ( Private Eye , ”Puraibē to Ai” )
  10. ”Genome” ( Information about the survivor , ”Genomu” )
  11. ”Destined to Re-Enter The Flames” ( Fate to return to flames , ”Honō e to kaiki suru unmei” )
76 Detectives’ Nocturne June 18, 2012
October 13, 2020
  1. ”The Meeting At Columbo” ( Meeting in Colombo , ”Koronbo de no machiawase” )
  2. ”Intertwined Lies And Mysteries” ( twisted it was噓and mystery , ”Yori Awase Rareta Uso To Nazo” )
  3. ”Detectives’ Nocturne” ( Detective our Nocturne (Nocturne) , ”Tantei-Tachi No Yasokyoku (Nokutan)” )
  4. ”A Child’S Curiosity And A Detective’S Inquiry” ( children of curiosity, and the Detective of inquisitive , ”Kodomo No Kokishin To Tantei No Tankyu Kokoro” )
  5. ”When Objects Collide” ( crossing of speculation , ”Rittai Kosa No Omowaku” )
  6. ”The Person Who Never Laughs” ( people not laugh at all , ”Zenzen Warawanai Hito” )
  7. ”Don’t Make That Kind of Face …” ( Don’t make that Kind of Face , ”Sonna kao o suru na …” )
  8. ”A Misconstrued Conclusion” ( perversion of ending , ”Kyokkai No Ketsumatsu” )
  9. ”The Present From Detective Takagi” ( Gift from Detective Takagi , ”Takagi keiji kara no okurimono” )
  10. ”Wataru Brothers” ( Wataru Brothers , ”Wataru Burazaazu” )
  11. ”The Inherited Shadow Of The Dawn” ( inherited Asahikage , ”Keishosareta Kyokuei” )
77 The Sign of the Three September 18, 2012
January 12, 2021
  1. ”The Strongest Senpai” (最強の先輩, ”Saikyō no senpai”)
  2. ”The Late Grave Visit” ( slowed grave , ”Osoku Natta Hakamairi” )
  3. ”Traces Of Having Been In The Room” ( trace was in the room , ”Heya Ni Ita Konseki” )
  4. ”Froth, Steam and Smoke” (泡、蒸気と煙, ”Awa, jōki to kemuri”)
  5. ”Tools of the Trade” (商売道具, ”Shōbai dōgu”)
  6. ”Yusaku Kudo’s Cold Case” ( Unsolved Case by Kudo Yusaku , ”Kudō Yūsaku no Mikaiketsu Jiken” )
  7. ”Kinichi-kun” ( Kinichi -kun , ”Kin’ichi-kun” )
  8. ”Conan-Kun, Right?” ( I’m Conan-kun? , ”Konan-Kun Dayo Ne?” )
  9. ”One’s Own Territory” ( My territory , ”Jibun no Ryōbun” )
  10. ”Smoke Signals From a Dire Situation” (窮地の烽煙, ”Kyūchi no Hōen”)
  11. ”A Lonely Figure in the Lamplight” (灯下の孤影, ”Tōka no Koei”)
78   December 18, 2012
April 13, 2021
  1. ”Mystery Train (” All Aboard! ”)” ( Mystery Train (departure) , ”Misuterii Torein (Hassha)” )
  2. ”Mystery Train (Tunnel)” ( Mystery Train (Tunnel) , ”Misuterii Torein (Zuidō)” )
  3. ”Mystery Train (First Class)” ( Mystery Train (First Class ) , ”Misuterii Torein (Ittō)” )
  4. ”Mystery Train (Junction)” ( Mystery Train (Cross) , ”Misuterii Torein (Kōsa)” )
  5. ”Mystery Train (Interception)” ( Mystery Train (cut-off) , ”Misuterii Torein (Shadan)” )
  6. ”Mystery Train (Releasing Smoke)” ( Mystery Train (Releasing Smoke ) , ”Misuterii Torein (Haien)” )
  7. ”Mystery Train (Final Stop)” ( Mystery Train (End) , ”Misuterii Torein (Shūten)” )
  8. ”Special Coach” ( Special Coach , ”Supesharu Kochi” )
  9. ”The Missing Key Of The Locked Room” ( behind closed doors of the key disappeared , ”Kieta Misshitsu No Kagi” )
  10. ”The Key to Solving the Mystery” (謎解きの鍵, ”Nazotoki no Kagi”)
  11. ”Foam” (泡沫, ”Houmatsu”)
79   April 18, 2013
  1. ”Mimicry” (擬態, ”Gitai”)
  2. ”Shedding Skin” (脱皮, ”Dappi”)
  3. ”Locked Room Murder on the Surface” ( Situation of Secret Room Murder , ”Jōkyōteki Misshitsu Satsujin” )
  4. ”It Takes Two to do the Job of One” (二人で一人前, ”Futari de Ichininmae”)
  5. ”Sensei’s Trick” ( Teacher’s Trick , ”Sensei no Torikku” )
  6. ”The Vampire’s Mansion” ( Vampire House , ”Kyūketsuki no Yakata” )
  7. ”The Count Dracula” (ドra ra kiュEarl , ”Dorakyura Hakushaku” )
  8. ”Ghost Photography” ( psychic photograph , ”Shinrei Shashin” )
  9. ”Foreign Torture Room” (南蛮部屋, ”Nanban Beya”)
  10. ”Hall of the Bizarre Phenomenon” ( Half of the Bizarre Phenomenon , ”Kaiki Genshō no Hanbun” )
  11. ”Each Person’s Motive” ( each motive , ”Sorezore no Dōki” )
80   July 18, 2013
  1. ”The Killer’S Plan” ( plan of the murderer , ”Satsujinki No Keikaku” )
  2. ”Undelivered Goods” ( Undelivered packages , ”Mi Haitatsu no Nimotsu” )
  3. ”A Cat’s Home Delivery Service” (猫の宅配便, ”Neko no Takuhaibin”)
  4. ”A Parcel for Kudou-Samakata” ( Kudo-sama courier , ”Kudō-samakata Takuhai-mono” )
  5. ”Today’s Fruits” ( Today’s Fruits , ”Honjitsu no Furūtsu” )
  6. ”Our Territory” ( Our territory , ”Bokura no Ryōiki” )
  7. ”Magical Lock” (魔法の鍵, ”Mahō no Kagi”)
  8. ”Until I Collect All Seven” ( Until you have seven , ”Nanatsu Sorou Made” )
  9. ”A Well-prepared Move” ( Prepared first place , ”Yōi shita Icchaku” )
  10. ”Taikou’s Optimal Moves” ( Taiko no Tatsujin , ”Taikō no Tesuji” )
  11. ”Bourbon’S Objective” ( purpose of bourbon , ”Babon No Mokuteki” )