( Nu kommer ännu mer av 5 Heaven up)


It this hearts is endless

I´II soon fall in love with you and take you away

I couldn’t meets unless it was my mission

For miracles and fate

I just shock and still fight

Is your skylark (Get your heartbeat, Get your heartbeat )

Did the light of hope go out?

(Get your heartbeat, Get your heartbeat )

A moment before desparir

I´II go help showing up!

Mysterious shinning eyes and these wings flying in the air

Shinning just for you

Let´s swear love in a mysterious,

Gentle and beautiful way

and in return for her crushing heart

Let’s leave only the secret gently

lt this world is right why

people pass each other so cruel

How many times hurt and how

many times hurt

Still the love l seek cannot be alone

sadness seems to overflow ( Get your heartbeat, Ger your heartbeat)

Im´ about to drown in loneliness ( Get your heartbeat, Ger your heartbeat)

Both strength and weakness to endure tears

I´ll find you Showing up!

The courage to burn violently

l can’t forgive you

Be violent and sure to grant love

Don’t be afraid of anything

even if you forgot even thing, only a

Tonight illuminated byth moonlight

It should be as good  as a dream of

mistake before the end of the fleeting contract only for a moment

your soft gestures and casual affection

It’s flower that bloomed on the dry ground

laugh more cutely than anyone else

That alone makes me stronger

break the closed cloud and shine a light

Showing up mysterious shining eyes and

these wings flying in the air

Shining just for you

Let’s swear love in a mysterious gentle

and beautiful way and let’s disappear

because I can never meet again I´ll give her happiness in the secret!